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Does AdSense Placement affect SEO of your blog? This is one of the biggest questions among the bloggers and webmasters. Google has updated their Panda and with it they brought a new Page layout algorithm. With this new algorithm, Google is targeting all the blogs and websites which are showing too many ads above the fold. Usually if you site sues more than 25 percent of area above the fold for advertisements, then there is lot of chance for being penalized by Panda.

And as per the latest update, Google has just launched the new Page layout algorithm. This is the version 2.

Minor weather report: Update of launching today. ~0.7% of English queries noticeably affected.



If you have adsense account and have watched official adsense videos, then you know that it was always suggested to have leader board ads, sidebar ads and all of them above the fold. So its like a battle between two Google products.. Adsense Vs Page layout Algorithm

Why Google Brought This Update : It’s really very annoying when you move to a any website and instead of getting any information you are stucked between ads, pop-up and text links ads. And the worst part, they all appeared instantly as you visit they page. This was just degrading the web users experience and Google was getting lots of complaint regarding this matter.

So the obvious answer is Yes. Your blog’s adsense placement can determine your positioning in search results. Whatever you sites pagerank or trust level might be. This new Page Layout Algorithm Penalty is not going to leave you.  As written in Google’s Official Webmaster Central Blog :

As we’ve mentioned previously, we’ve heard complaints from users that if they click on a result and it’s difficult to find the actual content, they aren’t happy with the experience.

And I think this is a revolutionary step toward stooping the sites, who were intended to make money instead of showing the real content. This update will surely affect the income of many big blogs and websites who were using those creepy ads all over their web page.

How to know: Your Adsense Placement Affects SEO

This is really very simple. Just open your browser and then visit your blog. Let it load and also all the ads in it. The page you see without scrolling the page is know as above the fold. Now lets take a look at the ads.

  • You have placed your ads in header section or below the navigation.
  • You must be having your ads in the sidebar above any social connect widget
  • And you also have ads above your content ( your article or posts )

You don’t need to do anything. Just remove 80% of the ads from them and your are in safe zone. Below is the example of the ads above the fold. You ads placement may vary but if they appear above the dotted line, and then you are in danger.


Remember Google said: I just want to remind you that, Google has also told that this algorithmic change won’t affect any website who have the ads above the fold to a normal level. They also told that, this change has just affected 1% of total search results.

So how to place the Adsense ads for better SEO

In order for better placement of ads and in-order to keep your earnings stable, you have consider few of the basic things:

  • Make sure that your ads blends well with your page layout
  • Try to place ads with alignment in articles for better income
  • Use ( 1 ) 350 X 250, ( 2 ) 728 X 60 or ( 3 ) 468 X 60 ads for better click rates
  • Don’t place more than 1 ads above the fold.

If your blog gives you the option the please use the recommended ads size. They will give your better overall results. I have marked different sizes with numbers. Now see the example below for better idea. Just use any one of the recommended position for placement. These examples are specified for homepages. For posts see bottom example:



I will suggest using only position 1 or positioning 2 for your ads. They will give you better results and will also not disturb your visitors and readers.

I wish you would have got an better idea. I don’t know if Page layout algorithm also scans any HTML codes. Many websites says, the HTML banners are considered as layout footprint but they also effect your SEO. As of now Google will send the bots to your pages to see, at how many places you have used java-scripts and if they are above the fold or not.

So let’s talk in brief: Don’ts

  • Never Place more than one adsense ads above the fold.
  • Never use too many banners in top most area
  • Using better blend colors to get maximum click rates
  • Not using popup ads ( other than adsense )

I will request to use them:

  • Try to include the ads within the post using the alignment. You can use HTML tags
  • Using banner ads and not link ads.
  • Try including related posts or search bar above your sidebar ads

I wish I was able to help you know : Does your adsense placement affects SEO of your blog. If leave any question or suggestion in comment area.


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