How to Add Breadcrumb to Your WordPress Blog

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Breadcrumbs which are also known as breadcrumb trail are one of the best methods to provide easy flowing navigation of your blog to your readers. Using Breadcrumbs your blog readers can easily navigate the parent category or to homepage.

In other words they are like menu trails which allow you and your readers to find the exact location on any particular website or blog.

For example: Home >> WordPress >>” The Post Title “

Now for those who think it’s worthless, then think once again. Since breadcrumbs can actually pull up your Onpage SEO effort and can help you get best results from search engines. And most importantly your readers will love your new navigation system.

And the question is why?

Because Google loves those webmasters who offer better user experience to their visitors. It also helps their search bots find the link structure and help them provide it in search results.

And your blog visitors will love you, since you are offering them with an easy to move navigation which will let them explore your site to depth.

So I think I am clear enough with the term breadcrumbs and about its functionality. Now it’s time to integrate it in our website and to utilize its full potential.

How to Add Breadcrumb to Your WordPress Blog

Actually in the headline I have written” 3 easy steps “. So what are they?

  • You need any plugin or code snippet.
  • You will need to perform the settings and grab the custom function which is provided.
  • You will have to edit your theme file and integrate the function in desired location.

And please read the warning.

Please kindly create a complete backup of your original theme. Also make sure you have FTP server and is in ready to use position (I mean please connect it with your server). Since if the code is implemented in wrong position, then your site may go down temporarily. So FTP will help you restore your theme instantly without losing any website traffic.

Actually there are many different ways to perform this task. And the easiest is utilizing any WordPress plugin. I think it will be easy and will need less than 5 minutes setup time.

Below I have listed our few of the most perfect and easy to use breadcrumb WordPress plugins.

      • Breadcrumb Trail : 4.3 star rated and 26,565 times downloaded.
      • WPshore Breadcrumbs : Latest addon in directory, but still 5 star rated and 233 times downloaded.
      • Breadcrumbs Everywhere : A simple plugin which is also compatible with buddypress. 4.8 star rated and 10,824 times downloaded.

Add Breadcrumbs without Using Any Plugin

This area is for those who love to edit their website personally. If you really care for your website speed and don’t want to use too many plugin then use this simple step.

You will just need copy and paste the provided code in your function.php file which can also be regarded as engine of your theme.

// Generating Breadcrumbs

function the_crumbs() {

if (!is_home()) {

echo ‘You are here: ‘;

echo ‘Home’; // Home Link Text, change this to meet your needs

echo ” /”;

if (is_category() || is_single()) {

the_category(‘, ‘,’&title_li=’);

if (is_single()) {

echo ” /”;



} elseif (is_page()) {

echo the_title();



// Show Breadcrumbs

function show_crumbs() { ?>

<div id=”crumbs”>

<?php the_crumbs(); ?>


<?php }


Inorder to customize the look of your breadcrumb you can follow the steps provided below.

/* Customizing Breadcrumbs In Your Website*/

#crumbs {

font-size: 11px; /*font size, change this to whatever you want*/

padding: 10px 0px 0px 10px; /*10 padding top, 10 padding left*/


#crumbs a {

color: #00F; /*change this to whatever color you want*/


#crumbs a:hover {

text-decoration: none; /*remove underline the links on a mouse over*/


You have to place the above listed CSS code in your stylesheet, that’s style.css file. Thanks to gregrickaby for this outstanding snippet.

Now if you want to change the trails then you will need to edit the function provided above. See the example : Edit this :

echo ‘ “/ ‘;

To this :

echo ‘ “- ‘;

And similar, as per your need.

Using WordPress SEO By Yoast Breadcrumb.



In this section I will try to provide you with the complete setup guide on how to add breadcrumb trail using Yoast plugin. It is regarded as one of the most popular and all in one SEO plugin for wordpress users. It has been developed by Joost De Yoast who is one of the most popular SEO specialists.

      • Install SEO by Yoast plugin.
      • Now move to SEO in your admin page.

I have already highlighted the region which you have to click. Its internal links which means we have to specify the field which is required to enable the breadcrumb.

Once you click on the link you will be directed to a page like show below. I have already entered the required data.

      • Make sure you have checked the ” Enable Breadcrumbs ” option.
      • For the separator you can use ” >> “; ” – “; ” / “; or anything which you desire.
      • In the anchor text for homepage you have to enter the desired name for the homepage link. It can be your website’s name or simple ” Home “
      • Rest can be modified as per your demand.
      • Finally you have to select the taxonomy for the breadcrumbs. It can be category, tags or formats.


Once you perform the required task, simple copy the function provided at the bottom of your page. Something like this :

And paste it in your single.php file (may differ in different themes).

So over here I provided you with 2 different ways to add breadcrumbs to your website. You can use plugins and still have to modify your theme pages. Or you can simply use the custom codes which I provided.

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