How to report and regain access to your hacked Instagram account

Instagram is an effective and compulsive social networking site. The app has added features like stories, login activity, highlights, reels, music, filters, and much more over the last several years, which has kept many of us using it for a very long time. With over 500 million daily users, the app has amassed a huge user base that makes it a simple target for hackers all across the world.

We sometimes hear of accounts being hacked or being exploited by someone else, even accounts belonging to celebrities. For many, the platform has evolved into a desirable location for phishing scams. In this post, we’ll look at a few methods to recover your Instagram account again if it was recently hacked or if you simply lost control of the app. Additionally, we will provide you with some advice on how to safeguard your Instagram account so that it is secure.

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Taking Care of Your Instagram Account

Hacking is not only a problem for famous Instagram users. Any account could be a target, according to digital marketing expert Jonathan Simon, marketing director and communication systems at the Telfer School of Management from the University of Ottawa. If the hackers are successful, they could use the compromised account to attempt to obtain sensitive data like credit card numbers, addresses, and PINs from other unwary users.

While it’s common knowledge that a secure, random password is a smart place to start—and sure, Apple’s recommended combinations of numbers and letters are generally safe—there are other precautions you can take to resist a prospective hacking attempt. You may avoid the bother of needing to regain your Insta account later by being aware now. (You may verify the security of your account directly via the Instagram app by visiting Settings and selecting “Security”).

Activate the Two-Factor Authentication

Every time a user logs in to a new device, two-factor authentication asks them to input a passcode from an application as Google Authenticator or one provided to their cell phone through text. This is a good deterrent to hackers. This feature is provided by Instagram, and you may set this up via the security section of the app.

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The applications which have permission to your Ig account should be checked.

Sharing your images across platforms is simple when you give third-party applications access to your account, but there is a little amount of danger involved. Your Instagram login information may be taken by hackers who get access to such applications. To find out whether other applications have permission to your Instagram account, go to the security settings and choose “Apps and Websites.” Watch out for any significant data breaches that may impact such applications; if one occurs, you should change your password right once.

In the account settings, verify your phone number and email address.

Verify your name and email address, if you haven’t previously, and connect it to your account. Your associated phone number and postal address will save you if things occurs wrong in the future.

  • Access Settings
  • Click Account.
  • Decide on Personal details
  • Verify your email and phone number

What Do You Do If Your Insta ID Is Locked?

First of all, don’t freak out. Getting locked out might sometimes be the result of a simple mistake, particularly for corporate accounts. Digital content expert Charlene C. Lam, who deals with design companies and has offices in New York and London, says, “For instance, let’s assume a social media team leaves the organisation. It can take some time for the remaining staff members to discover they don’t genuinely know the Insta password if there isn’t a transition plan in place.

Hold your recovery codes in a safe location to lessen that danger. Resetting two-factor authentication will enable you to regain access to your Instagram account. Recovery codes are needed for this. They are located on the Instagram app’s Security tab.

Unfortunately, there are situations when being blocked off your Instagram account really means that you have been the victim of criminal hacking.

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How to Regain Access to Your Instagram Account

If the worst has occurred, you may be interested in learning how to get your Instagram account back. But first, be aware that there are two separate hacking levels that would need Instagram account recovery—one where your password was merely changed, and another where your contact information was also changed. Here are the steps for reporting a compromised Instagram account and recovering your account.

Your password was changed.

If your passwords no longer works, establish a new one using the Instagram app’s login page. You may use a reset link given to your email or phone number to log in and reset your password.

Your password and contact details were updated.

If you’re locked out and don’t get an Instagram password reset link, a hacker may have altered your email and phone number. Follow Instagram’s guidelines here to report your account. Before recovering your Instagram account, you’ll need to authenticate your identity by taking selfies.

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