8 Awesome Places to Get Monster Backlinks Fast

Where can you really get some great authoritative backlinks to your blog? Building backlinks to your blog or website consume time, in fact lots of time. Guest blogging, directory submissions, blog commenting, social bookmarking, doing article submission to web 2.0 property sites, forum commenting, engaging on social network sites etc all can be the most time consuming. After all we only have 24 splendid hours in a day, you sleep at least 6 hours of those and you are left with 18 hours to build your online empire… Well I only need 6 hours of sleep I don’t know about anybody else…

So this week we’re talking about link building and moreover different ways to build a ton of authority and unlimited backlinks to your blog. Asides doing the above regular stuff mentioned i.e. blog commenting and guest posting etc, where else can you get high quality authority and unlimited backlinks?

Well my friends, below are 8 top sites you can get on right now, right this minute even, to start building not just Google ‘ass kissing’ backlinks, but also build new connections and tap into a ‘whole new traffic source’ and bring a whole new audience to your content.

Let’s take look 8 places to get monster backlinks and traffic to your blog.

8 Awesome Places to Get Monster Backlinks Fast

  1. Scoop.it

Scoop.it was first introduced to me by my good friend after listening to one of her awesome podcast shows. Since then I’ve been hooked to scooping interesting and resourceful content related to my blog niche, content from my blogging friends and of course my own content.

Signing up and getting started is so easy and you can do so with Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

If you take a look at the screen grab below, you’ll now see that Scoop.it now tops the list of most links back to my blog, with over 3,000 inbound links.

Content curation is awesome fun and if you want to learn more on how to get the most out of Scoop.it for traffic and build backlinks, check out this video Ileane produced below –

  1. Storify

Storify is another powerful and popular way to curate your favorite content and share it with your social connections all in one place. The site allows you to build followers as well as follow others who are interested in reading and sharing your content. Once you’ve signed up and added the Storify bookmark tool to your web browser, it’s easy to start curating content from your blog or your favorite blogs.

Storify allows you to connect your account with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram or Foursquare which is great for making new connections. The great thing about Storify is that the links you share are do-follow, so you’re getting some good link juice. You can signup to Storify using Twitter or Facebook.

  1. Pinterest

If you haven’t come across Pinterest yet then you really must have been living with your heads up in the clouds. Pinterest is a fast growing popular pin-board photo sharing site, and from a marketers perspective it’s a valuable tool for promoting your blog via image sharing to more than 11+ million people. If you haven’t already done so, simply sign up for a business account and complete your profile with your unique bio and a link back to your blog.

When promoting content via your blog always try and share interesting and sharable content (images and videos). Don’t forget to include the link back to the source in the caption and image description (your blog post) and include some #hashtags. Don’t forget to keep tabs on which types of content are being pinned and shared the most by visiting http://pinterest.com/source/yourdomain.com

  1. Bloggers.com

I think most bloggers out there have come across Bloggers.com at some stage or another. I’ve been using the site since mid-2010 and have built quite a large following and shared a lot of awesome content on the site, which in turn has provided my blog with over 3,000 backlinks.

Bloggers.com also provides my blog with a steady flow of monthly referral traffic, but the great thing about Bloggers.com is that it’s not just a great place for getting backlinks, but also a great place to engage with other like-minded bloggers, grow a loyal following and increase readership to your blog, as well as gain valuable user ratings.

You can join Bloggers.com here if you haven’t already done so.

  1. Chime.In

Chime.in has been around for a good few years though I accidentally stumbled upon the site by trying to access Blogged.com, which no longer exists and now redirects to Chime.in.

Chime.in is a little bit like Scoop.it where you can build a following, join communities that you’re interested in and share links to content on your blog as well as content from other sources. Other users can then like, share, leave a comment and save your content in favorites or even add your shared Chimes to their storyboard. With Chime.in you can also share photos, videos and even polls, see below.

  1. Paper.li

Paper.li is another awesome automated content curation tool and an essential link building tool. Paper.li publishes around 200 million articles per day and is an absolute must-use content marketing tool any serious blogger. Your content sources does not just have to come from your RSS or the web alone, but also Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

As well as a good source for backlinks, Paper.li is great for increasing your brand awareness and blog traffic.

  1. Twylah.com

If you use Twitter to help promote content on your blog and increase social engagement as you should be, then you’ve got to check out Twylah.com. It’s a great site and one that has helped me generate over 3,000 backlinks to my blog. As well as this the site has also helped me to increase Twitter followers. You can register to use Twylah.com using your Twitter account.

  1. StumbleUpon

Finally we get to good old StumbleUpon, an old school social tool and one of my all-time favourite and most used social bookmarking sites, and a valuable link building tool.

Like anything, consistency will get you results and if you use Stumbleupon, ensure that every post you publish on that blog of yours gets shared on StumbleUpon. You should also check out SU.PR and connect it with your Facebook and Twitter page, SU.PR is a ink shortening tool for StumbleUpon which also allows you to share your discoveries with other social sites (Facebook and Twitters) as well as schedule your posts.

StumbleUpon accounts for around 850 inbound links to my blog.

Well I hope that’s enough food for thought for now and these sites will help you discover new ways to ‘get monster backlinks’ to your blog. Make the most of them as most of them are completely free and invaluable. As always if you have any tips, ideas or suggestions you’d like to discuss please leave me a comment below, I look forward to engaging with you, in the meantime, have a great week.


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