6 Ultimate Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog

6 Ultimate Ways To Get More Comments On Your Blog

Every blogger today know the advantages of getting more comment on blog. If you are getting more comments simply means that more and more visitors are engaging with your blog posts. But how to encourage comments on your blog and how to encourage your visitors to comment on your blog posts is what we would discuss in this article. No doubt, increase comments on blog would also increase engagement on your blog posts which would give positive indications of your blog posts to Google and your blog posts would get higher rankings in search engines.

How to get comment on blog and how to increase traffic is what the aim of every blogger so that he/she would also be able to increase earnings and make money online with wordpress blogging. But its not that easy to make money online as we have to put lots of efforts in blogging. We have to be aware of all the blogging parameters while blogging. We have to avoid all the biggest blogging mistakes, should know what is the ideal post length, should have knowledge of blog optimization techniques etc. If you would follow all the rules correctly than definitely you would get success in blogging and also be able to get comments on blog posts

All of us know the Importance of Comments on a Blog. Don’t We? Comments are helpful for both the Commentator & the Blog Author. Comments give us an idea of how strong is one’s Blog Readership! They really help in creating a good conversation, relationship & readership. Many Bloggers leave comments on other Blogs in order to get Traffic to their content. Many leave them to ask some queries etc. Many do this to see their faces on some Famous Blogs  There are lots of advantages of MORE comments, Hell lot

Every Blog author, obviously, want more Comments on his blog posts. But very few of them get success in really getting them in a large number. There are many Bloggers out there who get a lots of Traffic onto their ‘places’ but don’t get much Comments! Well, Today I am here to solve your problem & help you get a large number of the comments on your blogs & blog posts.

Top 6 Ways as How to Get Comments on Blog

#1. Content is the King

If you are into Blogging for some time, I am sure you must have read/heard this line! This is the solution for 90% of Blogging Queries In order to get comments too, Any reader will only like to leave a Comment if your Post is well written, makes everything clear about that particular topic you’ve written about.

Write about trending & hot topics in your Niche, write short posts which helps/informs the reader quickly! Do proper research on Topics & than write the Article. Also, There’s only quality stuff which matters. Make sure your Article has good Quality, is Non-Copied, doesn’t have grammatical mistakes etc.

#2. Throw Questions to your Readers

Ask your readers some questions which will make them more interested to comment! Throwing some meaningful questions to your Readers really helps you in getting more Comments. If used wisely, this thing can help you a lot.

You can ask something like – ‘I missed anything?’ that’ll force your readers to comment by answering to your question. Assuming this question, Most of them will comment with something like – ‘Why you didn’t covered this thing?’, stating the Information they already know, helping you in getting more comments

#3. Install other Commenting Systems

One thing, I have noticed very often is, The blogs with ‘CommentLuv‘ or ‘Disqus‘ installed to their systems, get more comments compared to the ones who are using normal commenting systems. Out of the above two, My personal favorite is ‘CommentLuv’. It really attracts your visitors to comment as It allows them to post their latest Article links under their comments (If enabled) + If the Blogger owner has enabled DoFollow in their those links than It’s more tempting as It allows them to get quality backlinks to their Blogs and increases the chance of their Google PR to increase + also helps them to make their blog and blog posts rank high on Google & other search engines!

#4. Reward them up!

Give your Commentators some small rewards that will more further attract them to Comment! Try installing Top Commentators Widget to your Sidebar/Footer allowing them to get backlinks to their respective Blogs/Websites. You can also reward them by giving an option to also post their Twitter handle along with the comment. Also, try conducting some competitions like ‘Best Commentator of the Month’ or something similar. If you have good earnings from your Blog, You can also give the Top Commentator a little cash prize or something for free like a Premium Theme, Plugin etc.

#5. Reply to the Comments actively

You should reply to each and every comment posted to your Article if possible. This creates good interaction and relation with your Readers & It will also make them comment more on your blog to ask more queries or just to see what you have to say If you have a very successful Blog and receive a very large number of comments and cannot reply to them all, at least try responding to some best comments, meaningful ones, ones that asks for solution or those with some queries!

#6. Comment on ‘their’ Blogs

You may also surprise the commentators of your Blog by in-return, commenting on their Blogs/Websites. This will likely increase ‘his’ chances of commenting on your blog more Also If you are a famous blogger in your Niche, The Commentator will be more delightful! It will also help you in creating good connection with your fellas!

Wohoo! That’s it now you know the ‘Secrets’ of getting more Comments Now, I ask! Did I miss anything? Please respond through the Comment Box below


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