6 Deadly Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

When a person is a newbie in what he/she is doing than he will do mistakes.

The same is in blogging but there is a little difference here mistakes can happen anytime whether you are a newbie or  a much experienced blogger as it is changing constantly. In order to get yourself on the right track in blogging it is quite vital for the bloggers to avoid biggest blogging mistakes .

So, if you don’t want to do some deadly mistakes, read this post ( Don’t SKIM ).

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Here are the 6 Deadly Blogging Mistakes to Avoid:

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#1. Blogging For Money – 6 Deadly Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Now-a-days this is the most common mistake that should be avoided.

If you are blogging for money than I bet you will fail.

Whereas if you have passion in something on which you are blogging than in the end you will be successful.

Thus the only thing you need is PASSION for the niche you have/choose, MONEY and FAME will follow after Hard Work. So, blogging for money never works.

#2. Not Engaging with Readers. – 6 Deadly Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

In reality, you will lose a HUGE amount of future subscribers if you doesn’t interact and engage with them.

As they would think that they are just wasting their time on your BLOG as you never engage with them through the COMMENT SECTION of your BLOG and thus doesn’t care about them.

Comment section is the place where you can show readers that you really care for them by replying.

I am not saying that you have to reply to every comment on your BLOG but at least reply to 3 – 4 on a POST.

#3. Don’t have quality content. – 6 Deadly Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

Why would someone will come to your website if you don’t have quality in your content.

Quality is a must for every BLOG. It is the thing that help your blog to sustain for LONG.

If a BLOG doesn’t have quality content than no one would visit it and Google will also penalize it.

#4. Caring About Daily Traffic. – 6 Deadly Blogging Mistakes to Avoid 

Never ever care about your BLOG’s daily traffic as it will never increase day by day.

Yes, the bitter truth is that traffic of a BLOG never increase day by day it can increase month by month or maybe week by week.

So, don’t care please.

So, stop caring about your daily traffic.

#5. Targeting Wrong Keywords – 6 Deadly Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

I have seen many blogs, creating quality content constantly but targeting wrong keywords in SEO.

By Targeting Wrong Keywords here I mean that the blogger choose keywords that no one is searching on any search engine.

Targeting wrong keywords will do only bad to your BLOG as you will not get any, yes any traffic from search engine.

So, always target right keywords ( which people are searching) by using Google Keyword Tool.

#6. Lack of Patience – 6 Deadly Blogging Mistakes to Avoid 

Last but not the least, some bloggers doesn’t have patience that is a major factor in blogging success.

They think that they will get success OVERNIGHT and thus, on the next day easily gets demotivated by seeing NO RESULT.

Blogging takes time, for some bloggers it may take 2 -3 months whereas for some it may take more than a year or two.

So, OVERNIGHT is out of the question.

Now, it’s your turn to share any blogging mistakes or give suggestions/tip regarding this post i.e., 6 Deadly Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

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