5 Creative Ways to Use Your Blog to Improve Your Business

Blogging today is becoming a part of every business whether small, medium or large. It is therefore quite essential for every blogger to know as how to write a blog to promote your business? As blogging is an informational source for our readers but simultaneously you can use some promotional points within your blog posts to promote your business. You should not write completely promotional stuff while blogging but keeping in mind the benefits of blogging for business you should use some business blogging tips while writing blog posts. You should also aware as how to increase your blog traffic, grow your blog audience, how to avoid major blogging mistakes and what should be the ideal blog post length.


Below are five ways your business can use its blog for rapid growth and drawing in more customers.

Top 5 Business Blogging tips to Promote Your Business

#1. Keep Your Readers Current with Industry News and Advice

This may seem easier with some industries than others, but any type of business can regularly update its readers with useful information. For example, an insurance company might give tips on how to best choose life insurance based on the customer’s needs while a plumbing company can explain how to keep pipes from bursting in winter temperatures. Depending on your industry, you can also do product reviews.

#2. Ask Questions to Increase Customer Interaction

Blogs can invite customers to share their experiences or thoughts about various industry-related topics. When customers have the opportunity to engage with a business online, this increases customer loyalty. Customers begin to feel that they have a relationship with the company and are part of a community.

#3. Announce Promotions and Savings and Reward Readers

You can use the blog to let customers know about sales and other types of promotions; you can even use the blog as the place to exclusively do this in order to drive traffic to the site. You can also have promotions on the blog itself. For example, you can invite readers to comment for an opportunity to win an item or a discount on a service and do a random drawing for the winner. You should give them something concrete to comment on, so try asking a question or requesting a product review.

#4. Make Your Site Mobile

Increasingly, people use their smart phones to go online. If customers can easily access your site while they’re on the go, they’ll be more likely to regularly stop in. A mobile version of your site is a user-friendly way to encourage those users to keep coming back even when they’re in a hurry or away from their actual computers.

#5. Invite Guest Authors

To keep the blog fresh and avoid burnout, give others the opportunity to write for you. Other experts in the field are an obvious choice, but this is also a great opportunity for creativity. For example, you might invite contributions from satisfied or opinionated customers. Guest authors contributors may come up with interesting topics and approaches you’d never have thought of on your own.

Some businesses may feel burdened by the need to maintain an online presence, but with some planning and a few good ideas, a blog can turn out to be one of the most valuable marketing tools a business has.

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