5 Best Twitter Apps for Android

Android devices are perfect for gaming freaks, they are perfect for the photography enthusiasts. In fact, they are perfect for everyone. This perfection is there for the Twitter users as well. If you are addicted to Twitter, then do check out this article as I am going to provide you the list of 5 best Twitter clients for Android. So let’s have a look at it.

TweetCaster Pro for Android :



With great features, this app is used by a huge no. of Android users and this may be perfect for your Twitter related tasks, on the move. Well, there are many Twitter clients for Android but the reason why TweetCaster is counted among the best and is shining here at the top position is its unique and simple user interface. You will feel a whole new experience while using the Twitter on this app. You can add multiple Twitter accounts and can manage them all at single instance. The cool interface does not let you feel bored while using Twitter on TweetCaster Pro. Moreover, you can choose any of the available themes, to use with the app.

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Hootsuite :



Addicted to other social networking sites, along with the Twitter? Well, if this is so, Hootsuite is for you. You can manage your multiple Twitter accounts from the single dashboard. You can schedule your tweets, can access the complete stats of your tweet like no. of click and impression, with this app. The support of other major social networking sites like Facebook, Foursquare, LinkedIn add more stars in this app’s reputation and this reflects from the rating given by user to this app, in the Google Play.

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Seesmic :



Manage both your Facebook and Twitter accounts with Seesmic. You can manage the both at single instance. Talking about its features for Twitter, you can schedule the tweets, can retweets others tweets, can send direct messages to other users, from your Android. The app enables you to preview the pictures and URLs, before actually accessing them. The support for Facebook is like a bonus for you. Isn’t it?

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Twitter (Official) :



Though the third-party Twitter apps for Android provides more features than the official app does. Still, many people prefer to use the official Twitter app. Well, this may be due to security concerns of users or unawareness about the third-party apps. Whatever, the official app lets you to check the tweets coming on your feed. You can retweet them, can post your own tweets and can send messages to other users.

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Twicca :


It offers you all features that you get in any random third-party app, but the reason that makes it unique and enables it to stand in this list of 5 best Twitter clients for Android, is its support of plugins. The plugins for this app can be found easily. For example, you can use the Twitpic plugin in this app, to enhance your Picture sharing and viewing experience on Twitter and that also, while on the go, on your favorite Android device.

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The Above are the 5 best Twitter Apps we have shared. If you feel any other Apps are best for twitter then please let us know by commenting below.


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