5 best Cloud based Tools that can Increase your Productivity

In past days when we internet users relied on the email or instant messengers and some of file transfer protocols in order to send our main business files to the business partners or colleagues or either of our clients. At that we need to wait for attached files and were wondered about storage space and similar data etc.

These days most of the internet users are relying on cloud based services & tools for sending, receiving and sharing the data or information as quick. One good benefit is that your data will keep safe by this method and you can control your data from anywhere only you will require and internet connections for this purpose.

Now instead of sending emails to your clients or other persons in your team you just only need to upload the file and all of your team members can access that particular files from any region across the world which is time saving also. In this article, we talk about the top and best cloud based tools that are used in this modern world to increase your productivity and make your work easier and faster.

Google Docs :

Google docs is wonderful tool that will let you to create all type of documents including spreadsheets and presentations etc. You can also share these files or data with other person and manage them easily .If your business partner is away but at the time of work by using this tool you can work on documents file together.

Google Bookmarks :

You have visited a blog and liked articles of that blog and want to bookmark them. Google bookmarks will help you in storing your favorite websites at cloud service so that you can easily browse them with few mouse clicks.

DropBox :

Without relying on your local drives , now you can easily access your important files from any location or any device in the world by just uploading your files to DropBox. Also you can backup your data which can help you when your local drive data is lost.

EverNote :

Imagine you are at good place like airport or any other and you might want to save something that you think you can’t remember after that, so this application will let you to save those important notes. With the help of this EverNote tool you can also set your goals as well as easily make to-do lists. All of this will done in cloud based service which is wonderful.

Mozy :

Imagine you have stored your main data at in your computer drive and suddenly that particular drive is physical damaged or corrupted or any data loss happened, then what will you do at that specific time? Mozy is online powerful tool that works on cloud storage and with the help of this you can backup your whole main data easily.

Over to you!

The above listed are the 5 best Cloud based Tools that can Increase your Online Productivity. If you feel any other Cloud based tool is best one that can Increase Online Productivity then please let us know by commenting below. Also Join Cloud Computing Course in Delhi offered by DICC.

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