5 Best Article Rewriters to craft SEO-Friendly content

5 Best Article Rewriters to craft SEO-Friendly content

To put it bluntly, all webmasters and SEOs have difficulty in writing content. Whether you hire multiple authors for your website or your client, creating content according to SEO factors can be a difficult task.

Article rewriters, also known as article spinners, are useful to optimize your content. Not completely, but somehow you can improve your content with this tool.

We will discuss how you can improve your content, as well as the best tools on the Internet for this purpose.

But before we talk about anything else, let’s discuss what SEO-friendly content is?

What is SEO-friendly content?

Simply put, the content according to the search engine’s algorithms is SEO-optimized or Friendly Content.

The most important factor on your site that Google sees is the “quality of the content”. Different Search engine bots see the quality of the content like Google’s Panda and plan the ranking position accordingly.

To learn more about Google’s content quality guidelines, Click here.

SEO-optimized content has different applications and the most important ones are discussed below:

  • Short sentences
  • Short paragraph
  • Optimized headings
  • The user-friendly tone of writing
  • Optimized sentence structure
  • Plagiarism-free content

These are only a few, but several other factors need to be taken into account. However, the above factors can be performed automatically by an efficient article rewriter.

How is the article rewriter helpful for SEO?

Article writers are advanced algorithm-based tools that help to change words by their synonyms.

This has several advantages as it improves readability by replacing difficult words with easily understandable ones. Besides, this also makes your content plagiarism-free.

The rewriter usually maintains the actual meaning of the writing. Also, it can optimize your content by shortening the sentence along with paragraphs.

Moreover, you can also make a keyword cluster with the rewriter around your primary keyword, as it automatically finds the synonyms of repeating words.

The best tools to rewrite content

1.    Prepostseo


In the list of online article rewriter on SERPs, we find Prepostseo as one of the best tools to rewrite articles.

This article rewriter is based on an AI-driven technology that optimizes the article in a better way.

Prepostseo’s content rewriter tool is free for all and there is no limit on the number of words you can use.

This means that as a student or blogger you can use the rewriter tool for any length of content.

There are three ways to rotate your text.

  • Simple
  • Advance
  • Beta (AI-based)

You can insert, upload or import the document from either Google Drive or One Drive. After rewriting, you can change the words from the tool’s suggestions as you wish.

2.    Spin Rewriter


Spin Rewriter is another rewriter that relies on advanced algorithms to bring your content up to standard.

The biggest advantage of this tool is the mass production of articles. If you enter a single article, several copies will be created, which would be both plagiarism-free and easy to read.

For bloggers, this tool is valuable as they can easily generate multiple articles from a single article and improves the consistency of posting the articles on their blog.

This tool is not free, but its premium packages are worthy of its way of working.

3.     Check-Plagiarism


Although this site is popular as a plagiarism checker, this also provides an article rewriting tool. This rewriting tool provides a simple interface with the faster formation of unique articles.

Once you click on “rewrite article”, it changes most words with its unique algorithm in a way that maintains the actual meaning of the context.

Besides, it also offers the modification of synonyms according to your wishes by giving you different options of synonyms.

With the options to insert the text, you can also upload the file to multiple formats from your mobile device or PC.

4.    Word AI


Among the popular rewriting tools, Word AI is another tool that works on the basics of artificial intelligence.

This tool has five different variations of rewriting and you can select the mode according to your requirement.

One of the amazing features is that the headline is automatically supplemented by the analysis of your context.

The Word AI is not a free tool, but you can use the three-day trial period to check how it works.

5.     Coder Duck


To quickly rewrite your article without paying for it, Coder Duck can be considered. This is a simple tool that does not require a registration/subscription, all you have to do is enter the text and use it immediately.

The Article Rewriter by coder duck offers no other option than to insert the text, but it can modify most words by their synonyms.


Although multiple article rewriters are available on the internet not all can be considered. Some tools change the actual meaning of the writing and this affects the quality of your writing.

If you are a student or using this tool for professional writing then you need to look at the best tool that would complete your job according to your expectations.

Above-listed tools are best to consider because they are tested and working on the base of advance algorithms. 


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