10 Best Travel Apps For Android

10 Best Travel Apps For Android

With Android amassing over 75% percent of the global smartphone OS market share, chances are you’re an Android aficionado. Here’re 10 best travel apps for your Android in 2024: each one as desirable, and utilitarian as the other. Take a peek.

 SeatGuru :

Fussy about airline seating? Get SeatGuru. This free app provides a single, color-coded interactive airplane seating chart: green for a ‘good’ seat, red for ‘not-so-good’, and yellow for ‘avoid at all costs.” SeatGuru covers more than 700 aircraft seat maps across almost 100 airlines. For those choosy people!

 Airbnb :

Airbnb is a free private accommodation booking service that enables you to make refined searches for, and book private accommodation anywhere in the world, from anywhere in the world, according to your preferences. Now, that’s convenience!

 M8 :

This Intel-owned Telmap’s satnav app combines turn-by-turn navigation with local information, traffic updates and related data, all on a map so you can clearly can see where the nearest restaurant, gas station, ATM or car park is situated. Very useful when you’re abroad!

Google Goggles :

This free app uses image recognition to recognize places and other objects such as artwork, and gives you all the relevant information. And it can scan barcodes and QR codes, make your own QR , translate text, scan text using OCR and recognize 2D images. Truly multitalented!

XE Currency :

This free app obtains live exchange rates from trustworthy sources on the web, and lets you know the exact value of a particular currency against other currencies. It also saves data for offline use. Very useful app!

GTasks :

GTasks is a free app that ensures your travel checklist is complete, enables sharing and syncing of accounts, setting reminders, and searching for tasks. It supports both local and Google account modes.

Trip Journal:

This free app is a handy journal to share the experiences of your trip through GPS route tracking and Google Earth. You can track, record, document and share travel tidbits with your social circuit.

Wikitude :

This free, location-based augmented reality app works in tandem with your Android camera and GPS, and gives you details about the places of your interest. What’s more, you can share everything on social networks, too. Great app!

WeatherPro :

This free weather app offers reports about weather in close to two million locations worldwide. The interface is simple, with clear display of temperature (in Celcius and Fahrenheit), wind direction and speed, air pressure, precipitation amount and relative humidity.

WorldMate :

Simple. Route all your travel mails through [email protected], and let the intelligent and intuitive WorldMate arrange and manage your itinerary accordingly. It also pulls out Google Maps, and you can also make bookings through this free app. Simply convenient!

If you’d thought your Android had everything, you surely must have realized there are a lot more highly useful and exciting best travel apps for your Android out there. Keep checking this site, and you’ll get news and updates of the latest Android happenings and offerings, even as they happen.


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