WhatsApp vs Signal

WhatsApp vs Signal

The new year 2021 came with a lot of new surprises one such surprise is the change in the privacy policy of WhatsApp. The people are still in dilemma whether they are using a secure platform or not as if their data is not secure in the most popular app of all time then I think the time has come when people will start ditching WhatsApp and go for an alternative soon. As we know that WhatsApp has been popular since its introduction in the market. There are billions of people who use this app in their day-to-day life for personnel as well as professional use. The messaging feature and all other features are been liked and used worldwide.

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This app was bought by Facebook in the year 2014 and since then there were many new things been added in it such as an end to end encryption helping in the communication 24/7. This was even introduced with the option of becoming the default app in the year 2016 which was quite a big news in the social media industry. But a few days back the new policy update has made headlines which have taken the WhatsApp under a lot of controversies which in reality has made the people unhappy in certain ways. This is why most of the people is now searching for some kind of alternative.

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One such alternative is a famous IM app known as Signal. This app is been compared to WhatsApp to check whether the feature is quite satisfactory or not. Also, some of us are completely ok which the new policy of WhatsApp but still having an alternative is not a bad idea at all. This is because you would not be dependent on particular tech for messaging. In this article, we will compare both WhatsApp and Signal app side by side. As it’s not always about users but about the good and advance features which can satisfy the demand of the users around the globe. At first, let’s look at the main problem with WhatsApp nowadays.

What is the problem with WhatsApp:

The new security policy is still in the news well why? Let’s see in brief. According to this new policy of the app, the WhatsApp will be sharing more data of the users with the main company Facebook. Apart from this if the user denies to this action the only thing that he or she can do is to delete the account permanently which is a problem for sure. Many users do like the way the policy is been forcefully implemented by the app and that’s the main reason why many people have already deleted their account permanently from WhatsApp. From the past few years this thing was almost sure that WhatsApp is been sharing its data with Facebook but this time it would not be wrong to say that they are quite rude while implementing their action over us. Let us have a look at what all data is been collected by WhatsApp which is the model of the phone, battery status, OS, WhatsApp usage, payment and transaction details, all kind of status update, profile photos, IP address, the about section, all kind of details in the group, time zone as well as the signal strength.

All about the Signal app:

The signal app is considered as one of the best alternatives that have almost the same feature that is present in the app of WhatsApp. This app is strongly encrypted and is available for both androids as well as iOS users. The app is quite simple to use. Most of its user has claimed the use of this app as a kind of fun. There are many other features like voice calling and even video calling most importantly. This app can even be used in all kind of laptops and PCs.

Comparison between the WhatsApp and Signal app:

As the news broke about the WhatsApp there was a tweet that grabbed the attention of many users which is the tweet by tech entrepreneur Elon Musk said “use Signal”. As we know he, not any random guy to give any advice as he was quite serious about his tweet. When we see it than Signal quite good in many terms such as privacy. As we know WhatsApp is owned by Facebook which does not have a good reputation when the word privacy gets involved. From the past few years there are many claimed to put on Facebook about stealing its user’s data and we all know that it is a kind of true too. The other important thing is security. As we know both this app provides the feature of end-to-end encryption which means none of the text that belongs to you or any kind of call done by your side will not be accessed by anyone. But there is the key difference that I would like to highlight which is signal is an open-source app but WhatsApp is not open source and we all know that. So, in that case, the signal is better.


Both the apps have their features that make them liked by their users but since the news of WhatsApp has taken over our mind it is quite oblivious to have an alternative handy. I hope the article was relevant to all the readers.

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