What is Webmaster Tools?

A Google webmaster tool is a property of Google and its services are free for the people. It helps to analyze the traffic, keyword positions, search queries, search engine rankings and so many other things for which webmasters are looking for. You can use your Google account to sign into webmaster tools. Google webmaster tool is not required to index your site in Google. In fact even if you don’t submit your site to Google webmaster tools, still your site can be crawled by search engine. Webmasters submit their site or blog to webmaster tools in order to analyze the performance of their site in Google and thus optimize their site according to the statistics shown in the webmaster tools.

Why there is a need of Webmaster Tool?

We use webmaster tools because of the following reasons:

  • In order to see Google is indexing our content properly.
  • To submit new content to fetch in Google and also to remove content that you don’t want others to see in search engine result pages.
  • In order to monitor which part of your content delivers the most valuable results.
  • In order to maintain your site and to increase your search engine performance.
  • In order to monetize any kind of Malware of suspicious attack from hackers and to keep your site clean.
  • In order to analyze different queries from which your site appearing in search engine result pages.
  • How your website appearing in search engine snippet.
  • Which websites link back to your website and all the internal links of your site?
  • How your site performs on desktop, mobiles and other devices?

Who should use the Webmaster Tools?

In fact anybody can use the Google webmaster tools from a beginner to a professional webmasters.

Businessmen to analyze the performance of their online business: If you want to analyze the performance of your online business and how your webmasters promoting your website, you can take the access of Google webmaster tools and sees how traffic comes to your website. You can also give instructions to your webmasters about how he/she should promote your website. You can have reports available there from which you can analyze about the performance of your website. You can even generate new ideas about how to promote your online business using the Google webmaster tools.

Webmasters or SEO Experts: If you are in internet marketing industry and your focus is on search engine optimization, Webmaster tools proves to be a really handy tool to monetize the traffic details of your clients. You can use the reports of the webmaster tools to influence your clients about how they can enhance their businesses.

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