Top Digital Marketing Trends and Tips


In this day and age, no organization can afford to ignore consumers. Consumers are important because they allow the business to flourish and dissatisfying them would mean a bad word of mouth for your organization leading to a bad reputation in the market and reduced sales.

Due to this reason, organizations are looking for ways to monitor and find consumers that are loyal. They are also looking for ways to determine the emotions of their consumers so that the marketing and branding professionals can depict trends and manage their marketing activities accordingly.

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Marketing Trends for 2014

An examination of the consumer values in 2010 depicts some internet marketing trends for the coming year as well. These trends are essential for the success of a brand or a business. Without them, the company might end up losing customers. As observed, these trends are given below.

1. Value:

As a brand, the value of your product is what the consumer thinks it is. Therefore, if your product is ubiquitous, it will lose value. Consumers will not attribute the right value to your product. Brands also lose value when coupled with increased spending. Trends show that ubiquity will cause problems for the brands.

2. Distinctiveness:

People have started realizing the marketing tools and it is no longer easy to fool consumers. Internet marketing has reached to a point where it is essential for brands to stand for something important. Consumers can easily distinguish when brands are just following what their competitors or doing. Therefore, it is important that corporate social responsibility activities are carried out with honesty and are engaging.

3. Differentiate:

Differentiation of a product is an essential tool for the success of a brand or even a business. As long as the brand can be differentiated, consumers will believe that it carries value and will continue to use the brand. True differentiation is when the brand offers something unique that hasn’t been offered before, however, the type of differentiation that clicks more in the internet marketing world is emotional differentiation. In this age of competition, emotional differentiation distinguishes between two products that are identical in nature. The latest trends show that consumers will start differentiating more on the basis of emotional distinctiveness.

4. Word of Mouth:

One of the best marketing tools that can increase the sales of a brand enormously is word of mouth. Good word of mouth marketing regarding a product can increase the standing of the product and a bad of word of mouth for the same product can easily damage the business as well as the product. Therefore, it is best to make sure that your brand enjoys good word of mouth. Trends also suggest that consumers will increasingly rely on social networking sites to decide about the purchase of a specific brand. Therefore, if you are not using social media optimization, it is advisable to start using it now as it can help you further your business.


With the proliferation of internet and social media websites, the use of internet marketing has increased. This has also led to the increasing use of social media optimization tools to enhance the presence of a business or product in the online world.