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We all know how famous the game PUBG Mobile is within the gaming industry. Every new update about this game is a piece of very important news for all the active players spread worldwide. There is no possibility to miss any such news if you want to come to the list of top PUBG players. Well, this is something that definitely cannot be explained at any point of discussion. Now coming back to the recent PUBG Mobile update 1.5 Ignition which has arrived only a few days back and this update has brought an amazing collaboration with the world most famous brand EV which is nothing but Elon Musk’s Tesla. With this news, the players are excited to try the new plot as soon as possible. As per the sources available, the themes been offered in this update of Ignition are quite a futurism and related to various upcoming future technologies.

The Ignition plot mainly explores the future resources and the sustainable ways through which energy can be produced and apart from this the deadly weapons can even be created. However, “DynaHex” has mainly transformed six major areas of the Eragnel based on military defence, then there is energy utilization, transportation and logistics, the cutting-edge scientific research. This was the way Krafton company explained the whole new mode which can even be known as the mission Ignition.

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As we all already know that Elon Musk is one of the biggest modern days variations in existing time while considering that there is no big surprise in seeing his Tesla been added to the new update which is purely based on future technologies. Gigafactory is the name of Tesla’s factories and with this new update Ignition PUBG popular map Eragnel is going to get Gigafactory of its own. This Gigafactory within the map is not only for show off but it actually will be operating in a complete functional model where the players can get a Tesla Model Y during their respective matches. Apart from this as Tesla is among the list of the world’s most amazing looking cars and the brand name has added many stars on that with this it even makes cool designs and highly intelligent self-driven cars which people are crazy about. Now coming to the main question here which how to get Tesla. Well, let’s try finding out and for this kindly follow the simple steps written down below. I would suggest everyone reading this article read the whole article to be clear with what is to be and whatnot.

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Procedure to get Tesla in PUBG Mobile:

  1. At first, you are required to open the Google play store for Android users and the Apple store for iPhone users. Then in their search for PUBG Mobile and then download and install if not done already. If already done move to the second step.
  2. Now just open the PUBG Mobile app and once you are on that page if any update is been asked then kindly allow it and then wait for some time for it to get downloaded within the already installed game.
  3. After this start the game and in there choose the Erangel map to play as in there you will find the new Tesla car. Kindly make note of this point the player has to select the Erangel map to try the Tesla car.
  4. Make sure that within the game you are landed near the Tesla Gigafactory at the sating point.
  5. Once you are landed successfully in the correct place just enter inside the three terminals that have the switches and in there make sure you use the stairs to climb.
  6. You can see the second switch on the opposite side of the particular room where the assembly line starts.
  7. While the third one is just below the second one inside the very room. After activating all these three switches carefully without missing any you are required to start the Tesla Model Y production in the factory.
  8. Once the production is completed kindly make a jump and enjoy the ride.
  9. These steps are quite easy to follow. Make sure you do not miss anyone in between or else you have to start all over again which will probably be waste of time.
  10. The Model Y has amazing features to try such as the autopilot mode in which the player can activate when he is on highways and with this activation, the car will start driving on its own bringing the players to the required location as that is been pre-marked. But this unique feature is only to be used on the highways.

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And this is how you can make your own Tesla within the PUBG Mobile new update 1.5 Ignition.  


I hope the steps been mentioned are clear and easy for my readers to understand and follow.

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