PUBG Global Championship 2023

PUBG Global Championship 2023

If you’re a PUBG Mobile fanatic, you’re in for a treat! Tencent recently spilled the beans on the PMGC 2023 League Stage at the group draw event on October 11. This mega event promises intense battles, a hefty $3 million prize pool, and plenty of excitement. Here’s the lowdown on what to expect:

PMGC 2023 Overview
Start DateNovember 2, 2023
Total Prize Pool$3 million
Participating Teams50 International Teams
League Stage DurationOne Month
Grand FinalsJanuary 8-10, 2024 in Turkey
Defending ChampionsTurkey’s S2G
China’s QualifierTEC from PEL 2023
League Stage Stages
Group Stage48 Teams
GroupsGreen, Red, and Yellow
Matches24 per group
Spots for Grand Finals3 per group
Last Chance RoundTeams ranked 4th-11th in each group
Survival Stage24 Teams
FormatRound-robin competition
ObjectiveSecure a spot in the next round
EliminationBottom 8 teams
Last Chance StageTop 16 Teams from Survival Stage
ObjectiveSecure a spot in the Grand Finals
AdvanceTop 5 teams qualify
Extra Information
Invited TeamsS2G (Turkey) and TEC (China)
Team RegionsMEA, Europe, KR vs JP
TBDTo Be Determined for some team placements
Upcoming ActionStay tuned for intense battles and prepare your squad for this epic PUBG Mobile spectacle!

Format, Schedule, and Overview

The PMGC 2023 is set to kick off on November 2, and it’s not for the faint-hearted. A whopping fifty international teams will go head-to-head for a chance at the massive prize money.

With many regional competitions already wrapped up, most of the team slots have already been snatched up. But don’t worry; there’s still a chance for the underdogs.

League Stage

The League Stage, spanning one month, will feature 48 teams vying for 14 coveted spots in the Grand Finals. These finals are scheduled to take place in Turkey from January 8 to January 10, 2024.

Notably, Turkey’s S2G, the defending champions, have secured an invite to the Grand Finals. Joining them is China’s TEC, who clinched their spot by topping the PEL 2023 standings.

The Three Stages

The PMGC 2023 League Stage comprises three exciting stages:

1. Group Stage (November 2 to November 19)

In the Group Stage, 48 teams are divided into three groups: Green, Red, and Yellow. Each group will compete in 24 matches, with three spots up for grabs in the Grand Finals. Teams that rank fourth through eleventh in each group get a second chance in the Last Chance round, while the rest will be bidding adieu to the PMGC.

Group Green:

Alter Ego
Alpha7 Esports
Falcons White
Persija Evos
Stalwart Esports
Europe #1 (TBD)
Europe #3 (TBD)
MEA #1 (TBD)
Invite #2 (TBD)

Group Red:

Faze Clan
INCO Gaming
N Hyper
Next Ruya
Nigma Galaxy
Seventh Element
Duksan Esports
Yoodo Alliance
Intense Game
NB Esports
EU#4 (TBD)
MEA #3 (TBD)
KR vs JP #1 (TBD)

Group Yellow:

Vampire Esports
Influence Rage
Weibo Gaming
Bigetron Esports
Genesis Esports
Team Queso
4Mercial Vibes
Dplus KIA
Europe #2 (TBD)
Europe #5 (TBD)
MEA #2 (TBD)
MEA #4 (TBD)
Invite #1 (TBD)

2. Survival Stage (November 22 to November 24)

The Survival Stage features 24 teams divided into three groups. They will engage in a round-robin competition to secure their place in the following round. Unfortunately, the bottom eight teams will be eliminated from the PMGC 2023.

3. Last Chance (November 25 and November 26)

For the top 16 teams from the Survival Stage, there’s one last chance to make it to the Grand Finals. The top five teams will secure a spot in the final showdown, ensuring that the competition stays fierce until the very end.

With all these stages and teams battling it out, the PMGC 2023 promises to be an absolute gaming spectacle. So, get ready for the action, gear up your squad, and stay tuned for one of the most epic PUBG Mobile tournaments ever!

Remember, when it comes to PUBG Mobile, winning depends on your skill, strategy, and adaptability. So, make sure you’re absolutely prepared for the showdown!


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