P90 vs Vector in PUBG

P90 vs Vector in PUBG

PUBG Mobile is one of the most popular royale fighting games on Android and iOS platforms. The game gives enriched graphics to its players, as well as a lively royal environment. PUBG Mobile has successfully been able to remain ahead of its competitors, in addition to the constant updates, corrections and the introduction of new weapons.

The P90 SMG is PUBG’s mobile arsenal latest addition. We covered the location of the map of the P90, damage and more in the article.

P90 is the latest SMG weapon of the PUBG Mobile. It uses 9mm munitions and has a fast fire rate. The weapon, however, is currently restricted to the Livik map. Every match has just 50 players, making it the smallest of all the maps in the game. Only a maximum of 15 minutes lasts each PUBG Mobile game on Livik. The P90 can be found throughout the game’s map.

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 P90 statistics of Damage:

The P90 has the same damages as that of Uzi and uses 9mm ammunition. The main difference is the fire rate and the rate of reloading of the weapon. It can carry up to 50 bullets a round, making it the perfect weapon for the consecutive removal of several enemies.

 It’s high reload time, however, where a user can drop it. The most important thing about this weapon is its reduced recul and its potential for use with range scopes such as 4x and 6x in comparison with the Uzi and Vector SMG.

The 6x scope of a player may be fitted to a mid to long range spray with a gun. Although the weapon is not the best in close fighting, it can turn tables for you in every situation with fifty bullets per round.


PUBG Mobiles offers players different weapons classes And of course, in close-range situations SMGs are quite handy.

The Vector is properly damaged and has a fire rate with lower rebounds, making this a good choice for close-range fighting. It is a multi-faceted arm with five fasteners. It has less damage than UMP45, Tommy Gun and MP5, and is the smallest in the SMG class in terms of magazine capacity.

The stats of the PUBG mobile loadout Vector are as follows:

Strength: 31

Fire rate: 56

Reach area: 20

Range: 20

Skills: 19

Strength: 68

Many sources argue that TDM rather than classical loadout stats match. In addition, these statistics are not provided in PUBG Mobile so that various sources could offer various statistics. But, as mentioned above, these statistics can offer a fundamental insight into the weapon

The best Vector Appendices in PUBG Mobile

  1. Muzzle: According to their objective, players can choose any of the three muzzles available. The player may use the Flash Hider or the Compensator to increase further stability, since the weapon already has lower recoil.
  2. Sight: As Vector is an SMG and is used in close ranges, the players may select Red Dot Sight or 2x Scope on the basis of their preferences.
  3. Stock: No choice and the tactical pool has to be chosen by the players.
  4. Magazine: Because the capacity of the magazine is much less, Extended Quickdraw Mag is preferable because it increases the magazine capacity and reduces recharge rates. Players can use the Extended Mag if it is not available.
  5. Grip: Half grip can be selected by Players as it reduces recoil and increases recovery. However, during firing, it decreases stability.

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There is no fixed position in PUBG Mobile for any weapon, and players will probably find weapons in nearly any place with decent lots.


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