Off Page SEO and its Importance

Offpage activities refer to those activities that we do away from our website or blog. Whatever activities we perform to create link back to our website or blog are known as offpage SEO factors. There are lots of offpage SEO things that we can do such as blog commenting, directory submissions, article submissions, guest posting, social bookmarking. We will be discussing in depth about those in the next chapters to come.

Different Offpage SEO Optimization Factors

Socializing Post after Publishing

So, you have taken care of on page seo and published your article. Now it is the time to share your newly published article on social media sites like Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter because we can get a lot of traffic in very less time and even it helps to index newly published post in very less time. You should create Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Google+ accounts for your blog and invite your friends to join that profiles.

Social Bookmarking 

There are so many bookmarking sites having high page rank, from where we can drive a lot of traffic and backlinks at a same time, it will help you for getting a good position in search engines. Some of them are StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, Delicious which I am using myself. You can also search many other social bookmarking sites from Google.

Create Backlinks after Publishing the Posts

It has its own important as compared to above two. You must have to create backlinks for your newly published post, basically when you shared your post to social media sites and bookmarking site. It makes some backlinks for us. But after Publishing and sharing via above mentioned method I preferred to make more backlinks by commenting on others blog even they are not do follow enable but believe me it helps me a lot. You should also create backlinks for your new and old posts; if you can get dofollow backlinks then it is very good for you.

In the later chapters we will be discussing about how to build up those useful backlinks from different websites and blogs.

From Author’s Desk

So, Friends these were basic instruction about basic knowledge about seo to drive a lot of traffic and I hope you will like my work. If you have any question in your mind kindly let me inform in comments, I love to resolve troubles of my loyal readers.


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