How to Get More Lives in Candy Crush

How to Get More Lives in Candy Crush

The game of Candy Crush Saga is an amazing platform for puzzle lovers with the nearby 300 million on average monthly. These are the users spread over social media platforms like Facebook, iOS and Android devices. This game is often termed as highly addictive featuring the game board filled with varieties of coloured candies that the players are required to match in a row of three or more. This can be done both horizontally and vertically swapping over the sweet treat with the adjacent ones. If you are here then you must already be aware of the saga and its amazing features. Now in today’s article, we are going to discuss one of the most searched topics related to the Candy Crush Saga, which is how a player can get hold of more lives in this game without any money from the user end.

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Now it is kind of understood that many people do not prefer to spend money on games and if you are someone who comes under that category then this is the place for you. I would suggest my readers go through the whole article to learn a few amazing and widely used tricks. So let us start without wasting any time further. The process mentioned below does not require a penny as a user you must have time to do so. 

As most of you must already be aware that in this game the lives are provided to the players after a troublesome 30 minutes once all the lives are depleted. However, by making some internal settings this period can be minimised. Well, let’s find out how. We are going to consider the simple ways first moving ahead with the hardest and not that much practised one.

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#1. Buying Lives:

I know many people would not prefer this process but still, those of you who are ready to spend money on this game but are unaware of the whole procedure can kindly follow the steps mentioned below. Here is how you can buy lives in Candy Crush Saga

  1. At first, kindly click on the option of “More Lives Now” when you are present with no more lives in hand. Through this option, one can buy more lives from the candy crush
  2. Now after this click on the connect button present on the home screen of the game.
  3. After this click on the “$0.99” button to proceed with buying. Now depending on your mobile platform (iOS or Android), you will be soon connected to the store via the app to move further with the purchase.
  4. Kindly remember this method costs money

#2. Asking Friends:

This is one of the ways which is highly used by a lot of active players of the Candy Crush Saga. As like most of the games this game even has a social media aspect. Through which the game allows its players to take lives from their friends in time of requirements. Here is the way how this is done.

  1. First, connect to your Facebook account. As for asking about the lives of friends’ lives, one should connect their Facebook account with a gaming account.
  2. Now click on the connect button present on the home screen. Now allow the game to post on behalf of you as through this the post will reach out to your friends asking for lives.
  3. There is certain permission that you have to give the game so that it can reach the maximum people you know through Social media accounts. 
  4. You can even choose the friends you want to ask this is a great way people share their lives.

#3. Unlimited Lives in Candy Crush Saga:

This method is even considered a secret method as not known by a lot of active players. Apart from there, there is also a huge confusion going on regarding the steps that are followed to enable this feature. But every candy crush addict must be aware of this very trick. The time required to do all this stuff mainly takes an overall of 5 minutes utmost. This trick however works on all smart devices so initial requirements are there. 

  1. First thing first kindly go to the settings of your device then over there select general > Date and Time. The main thing that this trick does is mainly by moving the initial phone timings a few hours ahead. This is done because the player will be achieving all his lives back before the actual time.
  2. Now just move the time of your phone a bit ahead, mainly half an hour. Also, you must turn off the option to set the time automatically as that may cause a few issues. It is easier to go a day forward and then return after some time.
  3. Now after this return to the game and there you will see all the lives returned to full and this is the actual magic that is done within a few minutes.


I hope the methods mentioned above will be a great help to all my readers.


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