IPhone Secret Codes And Hacks


Nice For the truly geeky, here are some iPhone codes you must attempt. These are some cool iPhone hacks and techniques that will come in handy. These hidden codes let you access hidden settings that are not exposed to users.

This is just for developer debugging purposes. This set of codes is comprised of special characters and numeric keywords that begin with the * and conclude with the #.

To get more functionality from your iPhone, you can use Hidden Codes. Additionally, you can also adjust the settings within your iPhone. Some hidden menus, diagnostics, and other functionality are available for you to explore with these hidden secret codes. Given below are a list of iPhone codes that can help you.

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IMEI Number

Short code: *#06#

You may, or you may not, know about this code. People who are unfamiliar with this code may refer to all smartphones as having a serial number that is assigned in the factory and called a serial number.

You Just have to dial *#06# USSD code from your iPhone and it will show you the serial number and MEID Number of your phone.

Hide Caller ID

All Carriers: *67Mobile_Number (the code is valid for the United States)

T-Mobile (Alternative): #31# Mobile Number

In order to hide your identity/number when calling, you will need to have a carrier that is unlocked or a carrier that supports “hiding your caller ID.”

“Unknown” or “No Caller ID” or a “Private Number” will be shown in your ID.

To place a phone call, just write the USSD code and then enter the phone number you are calling. Until the feature is re-enabled, your phone number will be unavailable.” On the other side, the call will be anonymous and will show “Private Number”, because it is blocked.

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While calling businesses and individuals, the above USSD code is temporarily working. However, while calling a toll-free number or using emergency services, your number will not be blocked.

If you want to keep your identity anonymous, you should just ask your mobile phone service provider for a private line. No matter who you call, your phone number will never appear after you receive approval for your request.

Enable Test Emergency Alerts

Short code:     *5005*25371#

There is a notice known as ‘alert’ that will appear on your phone. This notice will appear only if you have a phone that uses a US-based wireless plan or if you have a SIM card issued by the carrier. This gives you advance warning about possible future real-world emergency strikes.

The test alert can be deactivated by default, so, you have to use the “iPhone Dialer” to activate it.

 Now call the *5005*25371# to set off a loud alarm. In other words, don’t get confused by the sound of the emergency alarm. This is just a test. Whenever the government institutes a full-scale emergency alert, you will get the same sound/alarm.

How Much Data You Have Consumed So Far

AT&T:       *3282#

T-Mobile:   #932#

Verizon:    #3282

If you want to know how much data you have used and how much data is left in your selected. Just dial the codes written above and check the data usage statistics with the help of the codes.

By dialing the codes written above you will get a robotic voice message or text message. You can dial any of the codes you want to.  By dialing the above code you will get to know about your monthly data pack.

Give Yourself A Unique Name To Call

StarStarMe Service (Paid): **me, or **63

StarStarMe is an add-on  subscription service provided by your carrier. Instead of just providing you with a phone number, the service will give you a name. You can subscribe to the service by dialling either **me or **63 from your iPhone.

For example, you can assign SUGAR as a nickname by dialling **SUGAR (**1234567), which enables you to use this number for calling your friends and family.


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