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Indigo Paints IPO: allotment, date, and status check


The year 2021 came up with many new announcements one such event was announced in January 2021 about the share allotment in the company of Indigo paints. This was more like an open biding between January 20 to January 22 and the results were likely to be announced on the end of the month mainly on 28th. This allotment was fixed at the price of Rs 1,170 as the initial public offer in short known as IPO. This price was fixed by Sequoia Capital-backed Indigo Paints after a huge discussion. This was one of the big reasons why a lot of searches is going on the web about this event. A lot size of the indigo market is about 10 shares. This was not known to a lot of us that is for sure. However, the brand price was fixed in between 1,488-1,490 as the initial scale been maintained. The big news comes up with a great response both from investors as well as buyers.

The people were overwhelmed by seeing various proposals that have led to the subscription of 117.02 times as a rough figure. The bid that was received was about 64.58 crore for the share against the offered size of share which was about 55.18 lakh share. This was quite an amazing figure to notice. The initiation of all the refund is going to begin from 29th of January. So, the share will be credited to the respective accounts mainly by the first week of February as per the sources claimed. The list is however expected to be released by 2nd of February. A lot of people within us are also not aware of the indigo paint grey market premium. As per many resources and reports presented by the indigo company the indigo paints shares have a commanding grey market premium that is approximately between Rs 895-900 which is about the 60 per cent only at the cost of Rs 2,390. This is the apiece over the issued price in the market. The share of indigo was quoting a GMP at the price of 750 apiece popularly considered by most of the people interested in investing.

This was the IPO price maintained till last week. People must be even not sure of certain things that’s why are repeatedly asking many questions such as. What do you mean by indigo paints limited IPO, what were the opening and closing date of this event, what is the lot size mentioned, what is the minimum order quantity of the indigo paints limited IPO and mush more questions like that? Let us know to learn about the company that will clear many more such doubts. The thing that we will start from is the name its Indigo paints limited. It is among the top companies of India that have been growing fast with a lot of support been recognized by people’s side.

According to many sources, the company is making a huge profit in its domain. In term of the revenue generation in the painting, industry indigo has been ranked fifth among all the companies in India. This success is mainly due to many reasons such as the introduction of various kind of products, there are many brand-building activities arranged a time to time, the extensive development of the network by doing excellent work in terms of advertising through various means possible and much more. Apart from all this Mahendra Singh Dhoni is been appointed as the brand ambassador of the indigo paint company. By this, the brand can be boosted across various parts of the country. The company is involved in manufacturing a wide range of paints including all kind of emulsions, distempers, enamels, primers, cement paints, wood coatings as well as putties. This is one of the companies that create personalized products based on the demand of the user. This makes their service user friendly. There are three main headquarters in India from where all the work is been initiated which are Jodhpur (Rajasthan), Kochi (Kerala) and Pudukkottai (Tamilnadu).

How to check the share allotment status of Indigo Paints IPO.

First of all, you need to access the website of the registrar there interlink the time to India so that relevant information according to your location is been made available.

  1. At the first place select the IPO you are searching for like, for example, Indigo Paints
  2. There you need to provide the ID from which first of all you made the registration such as the PAN ID, Application ID, Client IP etc.
  3. This identity is known as depository participant identification.
  4. After doing this click on the submit button.
  5. Soon after this, you need to open the BSE website of India: bseindia.com
  6. There click on the ‘status of issue application’.
  7. In the issue type just, you need to write Equity. After this when you need to select the issue name kindly choose ‘Indigo Paints’.
  8. There you need to enter the application number as well the PAN number.
  9. Soon after this click onto the search button.
  10. After this, all the relevant information will be present Infront of you.


All the information apart from the information mentioned in this article can easily be found on the internet. I hope the article was a little bit helpful for you.


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