How to recover lost PUBG Mobile Account


As we know that PUBG Mobile is a popular battle royale game which is been supported and followed by millions of players around the globe. The fan level linked to this very game is amazing and all this is due to the popular plot that this game delivers. Other platforms such as YouTube has so much content about the game of PUBG Mobile which is been provided by the respective professional players who has achieved great levels in this very game. The very player who joins this game want to achieve that level at some point but the procedure followed to achieve that is not that simple. We are already aware that in this very game 100 players are dropped down on an unknown island where their main aim is to survive till the very end for which they collect several resources, weapons.

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These things are important as they need to survive through a fight which will be put forward in front of them by other 99 players as the rule in here is the only player that manages to remain till the end wins. Apart from this, the game has players associated from worldwide and all this is due to the superb graphics as well as interesting gameplay as the game of PUBG is been developed by Tencent which is of course the biggest gaming company in the world. In such a case there are so many PUBG Mobile account login options such as using platforms like Google account, Facebook account, Guest –log in and so many more. All these options are provided to the players so that almost everyone can enjoy this very game more easily as per their comfort. That is the number one priority behind all these options.

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Through all these options the game of PUBG has become much more accessible but this thing is even creating many problems for the players as they end up losing their account and then try to do the PUBG Mobile account recovery which in many cases does not work as proper steps are not been followed resulting in permanent loss of the account. I know this sounds quite dangerous as losing an account means starting from the very first step which is not at all easy for any player out there. Thus, in this article, we would be discussing step by step procedure that how the player can easily recover a lost PUBG Mobile account. Also, here the steps mentioned are for all types of accounts. 

PUBG Mobile Guest account recovery:

This account option is mostly used by new players when they just want to know about the game as a newcomer. In this option, there is no requirement to sign up or anything else to play the game as this option is quite convenient to most people who just want to try or want to give the game a shot. However, the login option is not considered safe and all this is because the data of your account will be stored on your device. As many players started playing the PUBG game using the guest account but then didn’t linked it to their Facebook or Google account which later results in losing the account if the player end by losing the particular device or by mistake all the storage of the device is been wiped out. Here is the way you can recover your account in the easiest way

  1. First, you need to open the PUBG Mobile and in there you will see a help button that is present on the top right corner of the login screen
  2. After pressing it you will see an opened up new window in which a message icon will be present
  3. Just press the button with that you will be able to talk to customer support\
  4. In the chat, various information will be asked such as in-game ID, user name, your type of device, in-app purchases
  5. Once they gather all necessary information, they would take few days to respond with your account status
  6. Once you can get the account back kindly link it either to your Google or Facebook account.

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PUBG Mobile Facebook and Google account recovery:

If you are having a permanent account that is successfully linked to either your Facebook or Google account and still you lose your account then there is nothing to be worried about. As all your data or information is already been stored on the PUBG server and can easily be achieved back within no time. As all, you have to do it to login again using your credentials and in case you do not remember them a link will be shared to your respective Google account or Facebook account just make sure that none of them is disabled in any case. If by any chance anyone is been disabled kindly revert it back or else try using the Google account option. You can even use the option for forget the password for Facebook if necessary.  


I hope all the ways listed above will be a great help to all my readers out there. 


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