How to Learn Azure Skills?

Microsoft Azure is among the largest cloud providers in the world, adopted by companies of all sizes, including some of the top Fortune 500 companies and start-ups. Apart from Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure provides the biggest network of secure private connections, data centers, storage solutions, and other similar facilities. To excel in this in-demand Cloud Computing domain and become a successful Azure professional, you should sign up for an online Microsoft Azure training in Delhi.

Azure consists of a range of cloud services that allow organizations to function better, faster, and more efficiently compared to most cloud providers that are available in the current market. Moreover, it offers several features that can function from anywhere and also save the company’s costs.

According to LinkedIn, there are more than 108,000 vacancies for Azure professionals in the United States alone while in India, there are about 28,000+ jobs open for them.

The average annual income of a certified Azure professional is approximately US$97,000 as per the salaries posted on PayScale.

Azure experts are in high demand already and as Azure expands and evolves, the demand for professionals in this field will only grow and so will their salaries. This is why attaining skills in Azure is among the top-most requirements of IT professionals. Irrespective of your career domain, the knowledge and skills in Azure will help you gain a competitive edge.

Now, let’s read about the skills you need to acquire to become an Azure professional.

Skills to Learn in Azure        

In order to learn Azure and gain proficiency in it, it is crucial that you acquire all the necessary skills and knowledge in this domain. Listed below are some of the skills that you need to master to learn Azure:

Gain expertise in Cloud Computing

You must ensure that you gain in-depth knowledge and understanding of the numerous services of the cloud, including databases, servers, networking, software functions, etc. Moreover, if you have any prior experience in working with the other cloud platforms, such as Google Cloud or AWS can be beneficial as it will help you gain the skills needed to work with Azure.

Acquire Knowledge of Microsoft Services

Your knowledge and experience in various Microsoft products, such as PowerShell and MS Office will help you get a clear idea of how to integrate these Microsoft services with Azure.

Attain Expert Programming Skills           

As a professional in Azure, if you wish to build applications on it, you must have at least fundamental knowledge of ASP.NET and other similar open-source frameworks, along with skills in a range of programming languages including HTML5, SQL Server, JavaScript, and more.

You can attain these skills and become proficient in the Azure platform by signing up for one of the best training programs in this field.

Now, let us briefly understand how you can learn Azure.

Learn Azure

Be it Azure or any other cloud platform, you need to spend enough time to learn it and acquire the skills required if you wish to master it. You should also gain practical experience in this domain.

Intellipaat offers some of the best training programs in Azure that allow individuals to learn Azure and gain expertise in this cloud computing field. The courses at Intellipaat are led by industry experts from top organizations around the world with years of professional experience in the field. The classes are virtually conducted by these professionals and you can also go for the self-paced program if you wish to complete the course at your own pace. Also, you can check out various free tutorials and blogs which will help you gain an overview of this IT field.

The courses designed are for individuals at all levels, freshers and experienced professionals, such that anyone who wants to begin their career in this domain or transition their career can take up these courses.

The training programs will cover the basic and advanced level concepts of Azure, along with the various services, features, functions, etc., that are part of it. Apart from the skills mentioned earlier, you will also gain proficiency in the following skills:

  • Scaling storage at minimum cost
  • Allow remote access of the stored data while keeping it secure
  • Secure the business in the cloud
  • Deal with the various challenges of the cloud

Once you complete the training, you should opt for the respective certifications that will validate your skills and help you land a high-paying Azure job in a leading organization.

Further, let’s discuss the various Azure certifications that you can opt for based on your knowledge, skillset, qualifications, job role, etc.

Azure Certifications

Based on various factors, Microsoft Azure certifications are divided into four categories as mentioned below, along with their certification names:

Azure Fundamental-level Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified Azure Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Fundamentals
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals

Azure Associate-level Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified Azure Administrator
  • Microsoft Certified Azure Developer
  • Azure AI Engineer Associate
  • Azure Data Scientist Associate
  • Azure Security Engineer Associate
  • Azure Data Engineer Associate
  • Azure Database Administrator Associate
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure Architect for SAP Workloads Specialty
  • Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty

Azure Expert-level Certifications

  • Microsoft Certified Azure Solutions Architect
  • Azure DevOps Engineer Expert

Become a Certified Azure Expert

In this comprehensive blog, you have learned in detail about Azure and the high demand for professionals in this field. Further, you came across some of the skills that you most definitely need to attain in order to get into this profession. Also, you read about how you can attain the necessary skills and the various certifications that you can choose from, enabling recruiters to verify your skills. Get started by signing up for a course and get on the path to become a successful Azure professional.

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