How To Get Halloween Hats in Among Us?

How To Get Halloween Hats in Among Us?

The game Among Us is a well-known or I can popular multiplayer game that has recently taken over the mobile gaming world. This simply means a huge number of players around the globe find this game quite interesting and that is why enjoying the very game with their friends or family. This game is somewhat similar to the real-life mafia in which the players are not aware of the roles played by their group players but even after considering such a scenario that need to do their work without anything coming in the way. In such a situation they must trust their fellow mates but also should have great observation skills so that if something went wrong then they can find the one who is behind all the troubles. The game among us however follows the same concept within its gameplay which is quite amusing to the players.

In the game, there are two murderers known as imposters who are part of the group not known to anyone as they look like the other crewmates. The job of these imposters is to finish off all the other crewmates without getting caught and also before the task assigned is finished. The other team players job is to complete the tasks assigned in the given time frame and also find who is the imposter. The amazing thing in here is that none other than the murdered known who are they. Like every online game running in the market among us is also providing a bunch of cosmetics to its players to make the game more exciting as well as challenging. These added customizations are considered cool for which players invest more and more time playing the game so that they achieve the cosmetics.

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 It would not be wrong to say that the game is enjoying an explosion of popularity through these customization options. As in here like many similar games, customization is provided for the characters based on different themes going on in the real world. Well, this thing is a major draw to attract many players to play the game which is why the game recently came up with Halloween theme cosmetics. In this theme, the most awaited thing is the hat that makes your character look a little bit funky as well as scary. This Halloween look gives a different look about which players are in so much excitement. It does not matter whether you are a player who enjoys this very game on a PC or mobile you can simply enjoy the free and spooky Halloween theme. Now moving to the main question which is how to get Halloween hats in the game among us.

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How to get Halloween Hats in Among Us game?

The game has recently introduced Halloween as well as holiday-themed costumes and soon after this the players are behind these and want to achieve them as soon as possible. There are several hats introduced which include a witch hat, Jason mask, Santa hat, candy canes, wolf ears, pumpkin hats and the glory hat that look like a knife that is been struck in the head of the player. The only exception with these theme hats is that they are already present during the holiday and Halloween season but there are some tricks through which they can be used throughout the year. This tip is nothing but a simple hack. Let’s see the steps involved in doing so.

  1. The players need to take care of the date and time settings on their respective device
  2. They are required to switch off the automatic data as well as the time settings and then switch it to the manual option
  3. Soon after switching it to manual, the player needs to set the date as 31st October 2019
  4. The among us game or the application should be restarted after the above step
  5. After doing so they would be able to see the Halloween theme costume being unlocked if not kindly repeat the above steps once again
  6. If you can see the theme now soon after this the player then needs to switch the time back to normal and the costumes will be still available as they have been unlocked earlier.
  7. This method usually takes more than one time to work so here all you need is a lot of patience.

If the above-mentioned method did not work then the player might either restart the game or restart the device as a whole. Once you got this method to work then you can think of changing the settings to normal but kindly do not change anything before that. By settings I mean the clock can be turned back to automatic and you will still have the access to wear the hats permanently till you want. The same trick can even be used for Christmas themed hats as well.   


I hope all the information shared above was useful to all my readers.     


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