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How to Get .EDU and .GOV Backlinks Free


One of the most significant factors for every webmaster or a blogger is to do quality link building or link development. Most of the webmasters do not know why links from the .edu or .gov links and how much qualitative and important are they. Getting only some of the quality one-way backlinks from these types of high authority sites may give your site more link popularity and rankings most probably.

One of the biggest benefits to .edu or .gov backlinks is that Google treated these sites as highly trusted and authoritative sites. That is mostly a truth, because these sites would provide you educational (.edu) and government (.gov) backlinks which is in normal case are very hard to achieve as governmental and educational organizations are not ready to give links to normal sites. Also, these domain name extensions cannot be purchased publicly.

How to Get EDU or GOV Backlinks For Free?

Most government and educational sites do have a high page-rank and high-authority from Google. Few of these sites may have their own blogs where you can post comments and get some free backlinks. That is the simple way you can use to earn some of those quality links from the trusted .gov or .edu domains.

Way 1: Find Blogs through Google

There can be many ways to get those quality backlinks to your website or a blog. The free-way is for sure the most cost-effective way to get some quality backlinks for your site.

To find a blogs through Google, you will need to use following syntax.

blog site:edu

blog site:gov

Using the above syntax, you are telling Google to find the sites related to the blog term and using .edu or .gov domain extension. Of course, you can use syntax you want to find a successful blog on these domain name extensions.

You can do the same things with forums as well as there are lots of educational and governmental organizations that has their own forums. Keep try syntax in Google such as:

site:.gov inurl:forum or similar syntax to get the desired results.

Way 2: Buy Them!

Yes, a second method you can try is to buy the links on the .edu websites. I believe it should not work on .gov websites because they are strictly restricted to the government sites.

Anyway, every now and then someone on the DP Forums post to sell the links from their own .edu websites. Some of them even try to sell you the permanent reviews on .edu blogs.

Unfortunately, most of these offers are much more expensive than from other sites. That’s because they’re very quality and they’re on the good voice among bloggers and webmasters through the internet!

There are some governmental organizations as well that ask for charity. You can even search those organizations and donate a few bucks and in return ask them to provide a backlink pointing towards your website as a beneficiary. This way too proves to be good to get high authority backlinks on really affordable rates. You can use the syntax in Google such as below:

site:.gov “donate us” or similar searches to get the desired results.


Well, everything is not good as you think it is. If you’re going to post a comment (and make a backlink from it) on these blogs to get some quality link juice, you’ll need to know the following.

Backlink from the no-follow links are countless and not worth because search engines don’t see these links. Take care to post as much as you can on the blogs which have regular links instead. Unfortunately, almost 99% of these blogs has no-follow attribute attached to their own links.

So, it’s going to be very hard to find one with “no-follow” disabled. Good luck with your link development!

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