How to get an Invitation Code for PUBG Beta

PUBG game is one of the most famous games played worldwide by many players. The game has managed to increase its audience over the past few years and this has been made possible due to various new updates launched within the game. Now when I say new updates then that is something which is been done by every other game so what does the game of PUBG do that makes it different from all the other games. Well, the answer is quite simple as PUBG do a lot of testing of its new updates using the beta version to be double sure. This is the reason the game is known for its excellent user interface. As most of us are already aware that PUBG Mobile often rolls out many of its early patches as well as updates on the beta version of the game. However, the new PUBG Mobile beta version 1.2 is not that stable due to which many players have the curiosity to know what is being recently added to the PUBG Mobile game that they may encounter in the upcoming updates.

Now if people have had doubts regarding the registration process for this beta version that I must verify that there is no need for any registration by the players to use the beta version as PUBG Mobile beta testing is an open application that is easily accessible but one might need to generate an invitation code to access the game. This is the simple procedure to be done. Till now many of you must be got that today’s article is going to be about the PUBG Mobile beta version and the procedure through which players can easily access it which is nothing but through the invitation code. Now, this invitation code is something new recently been added within the game procedure of the beta version of this popular game. In recent times the PUBG Mobile is effectively rolling out the beta version 1.2 update and to access it the players need to bind their beta version ID with the global version and this is simply done via a unique code. The procedure however is very simple to do so and there are a set of steps that can be followed to achieve that within no time. But before that, we must know the procedure to download as well install the PUBG Mobile beta version 1.2.

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How to download PUBG Mobile BETA version 1.2?

Few simple steps are required to follow properly to download the beta version of the PUBG Mobile game. This procedure however is only designed for Android devices and hopefully in few months will even give support to iOS devices too.

  1. Firstly, do click on the link given below as through that link you will be redirected to the official page of the PUBG Mobile beta page.
  2. Link:
  3. Soon after going to the page, you are required to click on the option of ‘Download for Android’ and then simply install the game after completing the process of the download.
  4. One more important thing that the user must keep in their mind is that the devices they are using for the installation of this PUBG Mobile Beta version 1.2 have enough storage available which is around 610 MB. The other thing to take care of is to enable the third-party app installation toggle from the settings available on your respective devices as this will help the game to run quite smoothly without any lag encountered in between.

Now moving further let’s have a look at the step-by-step procedure to generate the invitation code required for the PUBG Mobile Beta version 1.2.

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Steps involved for the generation of the invitation code in PUBG Mobile Beta version 1.2:

Kindly follow these simple steps without missing any to generate the invitation code that is required by the player to access the game.

  1. At first, kindly download the PUBG Mobile Beta version 1.2 application on your respective devices. The link is been attached below for your convenience.
  2. Link:
  3. Now soon after the completion of the installation process do open the game and click on the ‘Guest’ option that is available on the login screen
  4. After this, you may see a login prompt to appear on the very screen in their kindly login.
  5. A pop-up box will appear that will ask you to select a game through which you want to get access inside. In their kindly select the option of PUBG Mobile.
  6. As soon the game is launched click on the option of ‘Test Server’ with the respective banner with the ‘Generate Text’ written on it.
  1. You are just required to click on it and with this, you will receive the unique code just copy it and then paste that code in the dialogue box that will be possibly appearing in the PUBG Mobile Beta application.
  2. Soon after the verification process is completed the PUBG Mobile will bind the global account associated with you to the beta version’s ID and the common login will be therefore used to access both of the available games. Well, this function was added to keep a close eye on Beta testers and therefore ban anyone who tries to cheat as that may exploit the game in its Beta version.
  3. The above is the simplest method that can be used to generate the invitation code to access the Beta version of PUBG Mobile.  


I hope the information been shared above was useful to my readers.  

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