How to fix Telegram connecting problems on iOS and Android


Telegram is one of the popular applications present nowadays. This platform is still emerging itself and looking out for more numbers of users worldwide. The state of this platform is quite stable and still, the technology is being added to make is much better than usual. Telegram is having popularity on both androids as well as iPhone. It was launched back in the year 2013. This platform has even a big boost in comparison to WhatsApp when privacy is considered. The service work in this App is reliable with end-to-end encryption which is one of thoughtful feature associated with many popular apps nowadays.

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However, few issues are currently recognized by most app users worldwide. The issues are mainly related to connecting and responding. If you among those people who seek an answer to this very question then this is the article for you. In this article, we are going to discuss a few ways through which we can fix telegram connecting problem both for android and iOS devices. Several reasons are being the connecting problem associated with telegram but before jumping to any conclusion is always better to check this from the users end such as internet connectivity, proper permission etc. Let’s see them one by one: 

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Top 5 Ways to Fix Telegram connecting problems on iOS and Android

#1. Check the down detector:

 The first thing that is always advised to do is to check the down detector. This will ensure is there any issue with the telegram server or not. Because many of the times the app is not able to properly connect to it sever that’s why so connecting problems. For this, the user needs to visit the official website of the down detector and their search for telegram. There is the user notice a huge strike graph which is maintained for around 24 hours then you need to just relax as the company will solve the issue soon. But if the huge strike is not seen then the problem is something else. I am attaching the link of the down detector official site below:

Link: https://downdetector.com/

#2. Reboot your router:

If your mobile device is connected to the Wi-Fi of your place then the problem associated with the router can be fixed easily. Many times, when you use telegram from mobile data then you do not realize when you run out of data. I would also ask you to consider to reboot your android or iOS device once. This gives the system some time to fix the usual things. This way it can just jumpstart many things and then reallocate the mobile resources. Also, when too many apps are open in the background then it also prevents a particular app to run at its normal speed and also the performance is been affected most of the times. After rebooting the device once just check is the telegram is working properly or not.

#3. Give all necessary permission:

In iOS devices, it is seen many times that background sync as well as mobile data is disabled for some specific apps. So, if you face connecting issues with telegram app then there are certain chances that some required permission is been disabled by your device which are required for the working of the specific app.

The thing that is required to be check couple of options in the setting. For this open, the setting on your iOS device and then proceed to the telegram app where you need to refresh the background apps and enable the mobile data option. But if you are an android user then long-press the telegram app icon and proceed with the app info. Then after this navigate to the app permission and there make sure the relevant permission is already enabled.

#4. Clean the cache and data:

This is mainly for Android users. Mainly people have the doubt the clearing the cache will erase their personnel data but if the cache of the telegram is erased then the personnel data is not at all affected. By this only, the temporary data will be erased. For this long press on the telegram app icon and then open up the app info. From there proceed to the storage and cache option and erase the cache from there itself. After this try opening the telegram app again and see if its working or not.

#5. Disable the saver mode of your battery:

The battery save mode is mainly used to prevent the background app from running and this is the way through which some battery juice is been saved. But many of the times this prevent the apps like a telegram to run. For this, you need to disable this option from settings. For iOS user then should directly go to the settings-> battery-> and there they need to turn off the low power mode from the options available. For the android users, they should navigate to settings-> battery-> battery saver and there switch off the option available. 

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All the methods written above will surely help you to fix the connecting problem associated with telegram app. I hope the article was helpful to all my readers.   


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