How to become a BGMI Beta Tester?

How to become a BGMI Beta Tester?

There is a piece of great news for all PUBG Mobile enthusiasts of India as finally the country has been rewarded with its version of PUBG. The Krafton Company has finally announced an exclusive regional application of the Battleground Mobile India. As the game is already available on the Google play store with many active users getting their first-hand test taste of the revamped game for a time been now. The game Battleground has been laying down its plan for its launch over the long term, with the game inviting millions of active android users to be part of the testing program going on recently. The players who have successfully enrolled in the testing program has to be accepted and soon after that, they will be allowed to form part of their respective choices.

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Maybe few will be privy to the extent of knowledge and then will be able to successfully play every new update as well feature that is been imposed on the very game. All this is done so that the official game that finally goes out has all the possible features been already added up as per the expectation of the players. However, the testing version is going to be a bit different as compared to the general APK and it’s even possible that the testing version can be quite unstable for time being or in between too. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss how someone can become a beta tester for battleground Mobile India. But first things first let’s try understanding few related things about beta testers. In case you are quite curious to know more than kindly keep reading the article further. Let’s move further without wasting any more time.  

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What is a Beta Tester?

Well, the answer is not that complex to understand as a Beta Tester is nothing but a software tester who is responsible to carry out several testing activities on a particular software, app or game when it is in the beta stage of development. This thing is mainly carried out before the final software or game is been released in front of billions of users waiting out in the real world. It would not be wrong to say that the developer just wants to check the thing first to find if everything is working correctly or not. The concept of beta testing is one of the crucial steps in the process of development. Any software or game that has been designed should have a perfect position where the potential user does not have to face any kind of confusion as well able to do all the tasks properly. This perfection can only be achieved by constant testing and retesting the very software, app or game before it reaches out to the user. In simple words, Beta testers are just part of the testing team and they are always given certain instructions and processes to test. The main task is to carry the given function again and again as well as carry out certain checks for the things the game lacks. The job is quite interesting but sometimes it’s frustrating too so the tester must have a lot of patience.

Let’s now move to the second important question related to BGMI and its beta testing.

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How can someone become a BGMI Beta Tester?

If you are interested in becoming a part of the testing team as a beta tester for Battleground Mobile India you can achieve that just by following the few simple steps listed below:

  1. First of all, kindly do open the invitation link that is given below
  2. Invitation link:
  3. After this kindly click on the icon stating “Become a Tester”
  4.  Once you are part of this very program kindly check whether you have the application already been downloaded or not on the respective Android device
  5. In case you don’t have the application, you can download it from the Google play store within seconds
  6. The users who already have the app installed will receive an update to their Battleground Mobile India app to convert into a beta testing app version
  7. After this, you can probably enjoy the part of being one of the people in the beta testing team and then you can get a chance to have an access to some unreleased feature before that is been enabled into the official app.

There can be few people out there who do not enjoy the beta testing of the BGMI app after joining well in such a case you can easily withdraw out at any time from the program. For this, the user can just uninstall the current app and then install the public app which can be easily found on the Google play store. There can be times where users have to wait for few hours after the successful uninstallation of the beta testing app just before you download the public app.

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I hope the information been shared above can be useful to all my readers out there


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