GTA 6 Trailer Coming December 5

If you’re a die-hard fan of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series, the excitement is real! Rockstar Games has officially confirmed the release of the first trailer for GTA 6 on December 5, just two days before The Game Awards. This revelation comes after a period of speculation and leaks, making it an event that fans have been eagerly awaiting.

Anticipation UnveiledRockstar Games officially confirms GTA 6 trailer release on December 5, creating a wave of excitement among fans.
The Countdown DetailsThe exact time for the trailer release is set for 9:00 AM Eastern/6:00 AM Pacific on December 5. The platform remains undisclosed, but the official YouTube channel is a probable location.
A Trip Down Memory LaneRockstar Games’ 25th anniversary aligns with the GTA 6 trailer release, reflecting on the studio’s rich history and its evolution since its founding by Take-Two in December 1998.
What Leaks Have Let SlipInsights from leaks suggest that GTA 6 will be set primarily in a modern-day Vice City, with additional locations in South America. The narrative is inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, featuring two protagonists.

The Countdown Details

Mark your calendars for December 5 at 9:00 AM Eastern/6:00 AM Pacific, as Rockstar Games has specified the exact time for the much-anticipated GTA 6 trailer. While the initial announcement in November teased the trailer’s arrival in “early December,” it was only on December 1 that the company dropped a follow-up tweet, nailing down the date and time. The big question remains: where can fans catch this glimpse into the next installment of the iconic gaming franchise?

Rockstar Games has yet to reveal the platform for the unveiling, but the safe bet is on their official YouTube channel, where many of their previous trailers have found a home.

A Trip Down Memory Lane: Rockstar’s 25th Anniversary

As we gear up for the unveiling of GTA 6, it’s worth noting that this trailer release aligns with Rockstar’s 25th anniversary. Take-Two, the parent company, founded Rockstar Games in December 1998 as its “high-end” publishing label. Since then, Rockstar has become synonymous with groundbreaking titles such as Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption. Notably, their portfolio extends beyond these mega-hits to include the likes of Max Payne, Manhunt, and Midnight Club.

What Leaks Have Let Slip

The Setting: Vice City and Beyond

Leaks have been the primary source of information about GTA 6, given the studio’s tight-lipped approach. The upcoming game is rumored to be set primarily in a Miami-inspired Vice City, with additional locations in South America. This is a departure from the franchise’s previous venture into Vice City, which unfolded in the neon-soaked 1980s. Now, GTA 6 is bringing Vice City into the modern day, promising a fresh take on the iconic locale.

Storytelling with a Twist

If the leaks hold true, GTA 6 will offer a narrative inspired by the infamous Bonnie and Clyde saga. One intriguing twist is the introduction of two protagonists, Lucia and Jason. Notably, Lucia marks a significant milestone as the first female player character in a mainline GTA game since the original Grand Theft Auto in 1997. This dynamic duo is set to take players on a thrilling ride through the criminal underworld, adding a new dimension to the series.


  1. 1. Where Can I Watch the GTA 6 Trailer on December 5?

    As of now, Rockstar Games hasn't explicitly mentioned the platform for the trailer release. However, it's a safe bet that the unveiling will happen on the official Rockstar Games YouTube channel.

  2. 2. Why the December 5 Release Date?

    The chosen date holds significance as it aligns with Rockstar Games' 25th-anniversary celebrations. It's a strategic move that adds an extra layer of excitement for fans of the iconic gaming studio.

  3. 3. What Can We Expect from the Setting of GTA 6?

    GTA 6 is rumored to primarily unfold in a modern-day, Miami-inspired Vice City, with additional locations in South America. This shift from the '80s setting of GTA: Vice City promises a fresh and contemporary experience.

  4. 4. Who Are the Protagonists of GTA 6?

    The leaked information points to two protagonists, Lucia and Jason, taking center stage in GTA 6. Lucia, in particular, marks a groundbreaking addition as the first female player character in a mainline GTA game since 1997.

  5. 5. How Does GTA 6 Connect to the Bonnie and Clyde Narrative?

    The storytelling in GTA 6 is said to draw inspiration from the notorious Bonnie and Clyde saga. This thematic choice hints at a gripping narrative that could set the stage for an unforgettable gaming experience.

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