Free Fire OB26 Advanced Server

Free Fire OB26 Advanced Server

When something new is going to launch within the game than I can that is the most awaited news for any player. Free Fire game is quite popular in the gaming world nowadays. Soon after the game of PUBG was banned in India the player started playing the game of Free Fire with much more interest as compared to earlier. The OB26 advance server in Free Fire game was in underway already before it was not even launched. The players are now able to get access to APK file from various online sites. This option is way much easier as compared to before.

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As we know that whenever a new update arrives then with that there come many new features that provide a unique kick to the game. The Free Fire has is quite popular when we start talking about its feature. The feature is one of the reason that there is around 500 million-plus download for this game and the count is still going on. There is a huge community of gamers that continuously follow this game due to its amazing gameplay and advance feature comprising of a large number of characters with unique power in them. The developers had added up so much in the new update of OB26 advance server. There are very few numbers of players that can get the early version of this update and for this, the registration is a necessary action to do.

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Let’s see first how to register this new update so that you can enjoy the early arrival:

  1. The first thing is to go to the official site and then click the option of free fire advance server
  2. You can use the provided link: Free Fire Advance (
  3. As soon as you click on that the Facebook page will appear where you need to login into your account.
  4. After filling out all the required details kindly submit the form.

If you have already completed the registration process then you are eligible to download the latest version from January 20th onwards.

After registration the advance Free Fire OB26 advance version can be download using the following steps without facing any of difficulty:

  1. Firstly, go to the official website of Free Fire.
  2. Kindly login to the Facebook account if asked for. 
  3. Just go there and click on the download APK.
  4. After this go to the download folder and then install the downloaded file.
  5. After the game is opened the code which has been sending on the provided mail id.
  6. After all this, you are ready to enjoy the latest version.

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With the new update comes the new feature as well as some of the new characters too. Let’s see all of them one by one:

#1. Character addition named Shirou:

A new character named Shirou is been added up with this new update. This is a surprise for many players out there. This character has an ability which is considered to be quite passive in the first place. The passive ability is known as the Damage delivered.

 This is a base level ability when the player is enabled with the ability to hit within the closed radius of 50 meters at the maximum. Also, if the player is been hit inside the radius then the opponent is been marked to the provided player for 30 seconds. Also, when the first shot is been marked on the enemy then it has around 10% of additional armour penetration in total. This is one of the powers characters in the game to date.   

#2. New mystery character:

There is another character that has been added up with this new update known as the mystery character. This character has a special ability known as Riptide Rhythm. This allows the player to send a type of sonic wave towards that can destroy around five gloo walls which is within the range of 20 m. Also, in this, each gloo wall is having the power to deploy that can increase the HP recovery been started with 2 points as the initial. The character has the cooldown for around 65 seconds in total.

#3. The new pet:

This is also something to be explored with this new update. The new pet is a small dragon which is made available in the pet store section of the Free Fire game. There is not much information present on its specification as well as power till now. But there is a rumour around that this pet can fly. The pet is available in 10 diamonds at the pet store. There is a confirmed chance for this new pet to have some advance features in it for sure.


All the above information about the new update is quite interesting to read. I hope the article was able to clear some of your doubts.


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