How to Fix HDMI Port not Working

How to Fix HDMI Port not Working

There are many computer users out there who have been continuously reporting the issue with their HDMI port. In this issue, the users are not getting any sort of sound or an image coming out of their respective devices when they are using the HDMI port. Well if you are someone who is facing this problem then one thing is sure that you are not the only one to find something like that. There are certain tricks available to verify the problem associated and then solve the same. At first, we must be aware that HDMI is an incredible choice when you need an excellent yield. In any case, a few clients have announced an issue where HDMI doesn’t work with your Windows 10 framework. There can be many explanations behind it. Be that as it may, you can follow the below-referenced techniques as far as fixing the HDMI not working error.

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Now there is certain question asked by people which are important to be answered such as:

Why does the HDMI port not work in Windows 10?

There can be a few components behind the not working problem of your HDMI port. In the associate work carried out where your HDMI isn’t working as expected with your Windows 10 framework, it may very well be an equipment issue, realistic driver issue, gadget’s showcase arrangement issue, or some other issue.

  1. There are multiple manners by which an HDMI mistake can work out;
  1. HDMI not working at all on your HDMI gadget.
  1. The sound or video not working through your HDMI association.
  1. The substance playing through your HDMI isn’t playing as expected.

Now there are a few ways out there that can be used if the HDMI port is not working properly. Kindly read all the ways listed below to try solving any associated problem. You can attempt a few fixes if your HDMI port is not chipping away at workstations. As different components would make the issue your HDMI, consequently, there are individual strategies to fix that load of issues independently. Attempt every strategy individually and see which one ends up being useful for you.

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1. Checking your device Hardware:

The issue of your HDMI port not dealing with your Windows Laptop can be just an equipment disappointment. Harmed or tainted equipment can undoubtedly cause a mistake you would say. Consequently, before we move on to some different answers for fixing the HDMI that is not dealing with your Windows, you should look at your equipment.

  1. Check your HDMI cable. Your HDMI cable needs not be damaged in some sort and the second thing is the proper connection made with your Windows PC and HDMI gadget. Check if your HDMI cable is compatible with your System or any other HDMI gadget.
  1. Check your HDMI ports. You need to check if the HDMI ports of your Windows System and other HDMI gadgets are in working condition. Damaged HDMI ports may cause the blunder that limits your HDMI from working appropriately

2. Try Restarting or Reconnecting your device:

More often than not the HDMI not working issue isn’t because of any issue associated with the bootup of gadgets. Indeed, not appropriately booting up your Laptop or your HDMI gadget can bring about the mistake where you may discover your HDMI not working.

  1. In this way, you are prescribed to restart your respective device and once again plug your gadgets with HDMI. You can utilize the underneath expounded example to ensure you do everything right:
  1. At first, turn on your HDMI gadget, for example, Television, speaker, and so on, and really at that time turn on your Windows PC or Laptop. Whenever you have turned on every one of the gadgets, you need to wind down your HDMI gadgets again while keeping your Windows System On. Presently turn off all the HDMI devices available, and afterwards, plug them again with your HDMI gadget and your Windows PC. This will revive your HDMI association and might fix the issue where your HDMI port isn’t working.

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3. Reinstalling and installing the Device drivers:

Graphic Drivers is considered an essential part of displaying the content. Any issue with these drivers can mean the effect of the medium used in conveying the information between the HDMI gadget and your System. Subsequently, refresh or reinstall your Graphic drivers to fix the issue.

  1. From the Home-screen of your Windows 10 PC, go to the search icon on the Task Bar and then search for the “Gadget Manager”. Go on the “Gadget Manager” choice with a thumbnail in the list items.
  1. On the Device Manager window, you’ll see all the available results in form of the output, input, and other essential gadgets and parts of your Windows 10 System recorded.
  1. To refresh the Graphics Drivers, go to the “Show Adapters” choice and kindly click on the Arrow to see your Graphics Device. Presently, right-click on your Graphics Device and continue with the “Update Drivers” choice you’ll see. Adhere to the on-screen directions to effectively refresh the Graphic drivers.

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I hope the above-mentioned tips with help readers to overcome this problem.


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