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How to Hack Facebook account


Facebook has been using for years by the users and its members do have lots of trust on it even though in the recent time we have noticed lots of security concerns with Facebook. Therefore it’s not easy to hack facebook account. The members of Facebook keep on increasing and there are approximately 1.97 billion active users available on Facebook.

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We are very keen to Facebook and share our daily activities with our friends on Facebook. We share all the special occasions such as our birthdays, anniversaries, photos, vacations and also our businesses on Facebook. We also share the emotional moments, cherished moments and sometimes our ideology and philosophy on Facebook. We are sharing all these just to get the world aware about what we think. And hackers can easily track your activities on Facebook with the help of Facebook Tracking Tool. We strongly feel that nobody will be able to hack fb account but it’s not always true.

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We believe that whatever we share is available to our friends, relatives and those who follow us on Facebook. But sometimes there are some bad people also who use our information for malicious purposes and can use the information against us. They keep watching us secretly and know every activity about us and they are always looking to hack facebook account of different people surfing on facebook.

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Top 4 Methods to Hack Facebook Account or to Hack FB Account

In order to hack somebody’s facebook acoount, there is no need to be a professional hacker. A bit of computer knowledge will enable you to access other’s facebook account. In this article I will show you some working and proved methods that you can use to hack someone’s facebook account. At the end of article I will also tell you how to prevent your facebook account from being hacked.

#1. Using Keylogger to hack Facebook Account:

Software Keylogger:  A software keylogger can be downloaded on the victim’s PC. As soon as it is activated it starts recording each stroke of the keyboard that victim makes. The software keylogger has to be downloaded on the victim’s computer without his knowledge. The keylogger would remain undetectable in the background and once it captured all the keystrokes of the victim, it will send the reports of captured data to your email.

Step by Step Guide to Use Keylogger to Hack Facebook Account

Step 1st: In the first step, download a good keylogger. You can also download emissary keylogger. You can also download some other keylogger via Google search.

Step 2nd: Once you download the emissary keylogger, extract the files on desktop. Many a times your anti-virus might delete the keylogger. So, disable the antivirus before downloading the emissary keylogger. There are no harmful viruses in this keylogger so don’t afraid.

Step 3rd: Now, in the third step execute the emissary.exe file and you will instantly see the window as seen in the image below:

Step 4th: Now, in the fourth step enter your Gmail details in the keylogger then click on “Test” to test the connection. You can create a fake gmail id for this purpose. Here you should test that all the information of keystrokes are delivering to your email or not.

Step 5th: In the fourth step, enter the time at which you would like to receive reports through email. You can use 20 minutes as it always preferable. Also change your server file name. Check all the boxes as shown in the image below:

Step 6th: Now click on ‘Build’ button and create your server file (make sure that your server file is in the same directory).

Step 7th: As this keylogger is free, you cannot send the server .exe file from email services. In fact, all of the email services don’t allow sending and receiving .exe files. It is therefore you need to first crypt and bind your file to any other file such as in image, videos, document etc. If you don’t know how to crypt and bind files than follow the below method to bind the file:

How to Bind Keylogger with Image, PDF or any other File:

Step 1st: In the first step, you need to download any file binder. I would recommend you to download shockwaves file binder. The password is futuretricks.

Step 2nd: You would have three files now. First one is the keylogger.exe file, second one is image or pdf file in which you would like to bind keylogger and third one is shockwave file binder.

Step 3rd: Now, you are required to open the shockwave file binder and you will find two browsing options there. In the first browsing option select the image file or pdf file in which you would like to bind the keylogger. In the second browsing option you need to select the keylogger .exe file as shown in the image below:

Step 4th: Now, tick on “Run Second File Hidden” and also click on Bind Button as shown in the image below:

Step 5th:  Now choose the name and path of the new file and your file is successfully bound with the keylogger.

Step 6th: Now send this file to the victim and as soon as he open the image, PDF or any other file with which you had bind the keylogger, the keylogger will be installed in the victim’s computer.

Step 7th: Once the binding process is complete, you can also upload this file on free file storage websites such as mediashare, rapidshare, 4share etc. You can either send the victim the direct download link from the free storage websites.

As soon as victim execute the file you send, the keylogger file will installed on his computer and it start searches all the keystrokes including the username and passwords of facebook and send you email containing all the keylogs and screenshots from time to time as the time interval you have set earlier.

#2. Using Phishing to Hack Facebook Account

Phishing method is another method of attack to hack facebook account. Phishing means to send a fake page to the victim and as soon as he/she enters username and password, you will fetch it from the fake page uploaded on your server.

Phishing can be done using the Kali Linux OS or without Kali Linux. In this article, we will be discussing both methods as how to create a phishing page using the Kali Linux and how to make a phishing page online. For the first method, you should know how to install Kali Linux on your PC.

A phishing page to hack facebook account can be done using the social engineering toolkit that is already installed in Kali Linux OS. The phishing link should be sent to the victim from the same local area network as you and the data that the victim enters on the fake page will be stored in a file on your machine.

Steps by Step Guide to Hack Facebook Account Using Phishing with Kali Linux

Step 1st: Open the Kali Linux with root access as ‘setoolkit’ needs you to have root access.

Step 2nd: Now Type setoolkit’ in the command line.

Here you will get a warning that this tool is to be used with proper license and authorization or for only educational purposes and if you use it for malicious purposes than you violate the terms and conditions of the tool.

Step 3rd: You should agree with the terms and conditions by typing Y in the command line.

Step 4th: Here you will see a menu “next”. Enter 1 as your choice.

Step 5th: Enter 3 to select the ‘Credential Harvester Attack Method’ in order to get the victim’s confidential information by creating a fake page that will few form fields including the username and password options.

Step 6TH:  Now, you do have the option here that is either to build a fraudulent page by your own or you can also clone the page of facebook site or other trustworthy site.

Step 7th: If you wish to get a Clone page than Enter 2 in the command line. It may take few minutes to create a page.

Step 8th: Now, in order to get the IP address you should open a new terminal window and write ifconfig. You should copy the IP address as mention in the “inet” field.

Step 9th: SET will ask you to put the IP address where the confidential information of the victim to be stored. Paste the IP address as you copied in the earlier step.

Step 10th: As we have chosen to make a clone of a website, we need to enter the URL or domain of the website of which we would like to make a clone.

Step 11th: As the SET requires the Apache server so you should Enter Y when it prompted about starting the Apache process.

Step 12th: Till here, you have completed the setting up of Phishing page and hosted it on server. SET will make us aware about the directory at which the captured data will be stored.

Step 13th: In order to hide the IP address you should use the URL shortening services to change the URL of actual site.

Step 14th: Now Go to the browser and type http://yourIP (for example:

Step 15th: If the victim fills the information here in this page and clicks on “Log in”, he will be redirected to actual Facebook login page. Most often, users doesn’t take it seriously and consider it as error in Facebook.

Step 16th: In the final step you can go /var/www/html where you will be able to see the harvester file created there.

Note: Above phishing method is described here just for the educational purposes as you will be able to aware what steps that hackers are taking to hack your facebook account and therefore you should protect yourself. Here you should know the difference between the fake page and real page and it can easily be identifiable if you the URL in the browser. You should never enter your username or passwords in any of the URL of which you are not aware of.

Hope this step by step guide gave you a complete idea of how phishing attacks work.

#3. Hack facebook on same wifi android

This is another method using which one can hack facebook account. In this method, you can get almost 90% successes if you and the victim are on the same wifi network.  I am writing this method in order to make the people aware that what hackers can do if you are on same wifi network and  this is just for educational purpose so don’t use this method or any other above mentioned methods for illegal purposes.

How to Hack Facebook Account same wifi Android:

First you need to install an app called as Faceniff which is an android application and it is being widely used to intercept web-sessions profiles creating over different WI-FI Networks, and getting confidential information of the victim including the username and passwords of Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram  and other sites but make sure that you and victim are on the same WIFI network otherwise this method will not work.

Steps to follow to hack facebook account on same WIFI

1ST Step:  First, you need to install an app known as Faceniff . Download it from here.

2nd Step: Now, connect with the internet connection and also open the Faceniff app.

3rd Step: The next step is to click the red button. The red button you click will turn into green once the sniffer is on.  It seems like that of Firesheep for android devices.

4th Step: Firesheep is an extension of firefox that enables unscrupulous users to do the same task.  FaceNiff even supports WPA encrypted wireless networks.

5TH Step: In the fifth step, press the enter button and you will see the list of accounts which are connected to same WIFI network and you can choose any of the accounts.

6th Step:  Now, click the account you want to hack and you will get logged in automatically and can do whatever you want with the hacked account.

How to Protect Yourself from this App: In order to protect yourself from the above attack, you need to enable HTTPS for every service wherever it is available. You should always protect your internet connection whenever you use public Wi-fi at any place such as at coffee shop, restaurants or airport with a VPN.

#4. Hack Facebook Account Using Shellphish


  1. You need to have Kali Linux operating system.
  2. Internet Connection
  3. Shell Phish (will let you know in the below steps as how to get it)
  4. Firefox, Chrome or any other browser.

Step by Step Guide to Hack Facebook Account with Shell Phish

Step 1: Open Fireforx with Kali linux

Step 2: Now type github.com in the browser.

Step 3: Now, you need to type shell phish in the search box available.

Step 4: Choose the first repository.

Step 5: Here you need to click on the clone or download link and copy the link

Step 6: Open the Terminal

Step 7:  Now type git clone URL, and then paste the link here that you have copied before. Now, press enter.

Step 8: You will now redirected to downloading the shellphish file from here.

Step 9: Once the download complete, change your directory to shellphish by just typing “cd shellphish”.

Step 10: Now, type the commands (1s -1) within the shellphish directory. It will prompt to show you all the files and their permissions.

Step 11: Here, you will need to change the permissions of shellphish.sh

Step 12: Permissions are usually written as (-rw-r–r– ) in which (-r) means reading permissions and (w) means writing permissions.

Step 13: You will not find here the execute permissions as x. In order to add such permissions, you will require you to enter a command (chmod +x shellphish.sh). You will soon get the new permission as x just after entering the command.

Step 14: Just by typing (./shellphish.sh), you can execute the command.

Step 15: Shellphish terminal will start. From here, choose any option just by typing their numbers such as I if you want to make an instagram phishing page.

Step 16: Now, choose the port forwarding service which will provide you the phishing URL. For example, you can choose ngrok,

Step 17: If you are using it for the first time, than wait for few seconds as it will shortly start downloading ngrok.

Step 18: Once the download process is finished, it will provide you a link, which actually is the URL you can use to phish the victim.

Step 19: Now, you can easly send this lnk to your target using Whatsapp, Messanger, email or through any other media file.

Step 20: Once the target clicks over the link you send, you will instantly get its location as well as the IP address.

Step 21: Once the page open, the victim as enters the username and password in the page you given, it will be sent to you and the victim will be redirected to their instagram or facebook account whatever the phishing page is.

Top 4 Tools For Facebook Account Hacks

#1. Facebook Account Hacking with MSPY:

There’s a lot happening on Facebook Messenger, including stuff kids don’t want their parents to see. They can help. Just install the Facebook Messenger spy app that brings you peace of mind. However, Facebook hacking is still possible using few universal programming language holes, security vulnerabilities & human error which no matter how advanced the security of a website like facebook gets, you still will be able to hack fb online.

Their Official Website: https://www.mspy.com/

#2. Epassword.org:

You can hack any Facebook account using eguru’s online Facebook hack service. They re-launched their online service in 2020 by integrating the most advanced password hacking techniques. You just need to type in the target Facebook profile id or email id and then submit it to us. We will take care of the remaining procedures and get back to you with the password. We are the most popular online Facebook hack service provider and complete hundreds of requests each day with a 99.99 percent success rate.

Official Website: https://www.epassword.org/

#3. SicZine:

SicZine is another tool which can be use for facebook account hack. However it is quite simple and it is also automated which one of the main factors that their service would is proved to quite effective and affordable too. They also claimed that you will remain anonymous while hacking facebook account and their success rate for hacking facebook account is really high.

Their Official Website:  https://www.siczine.com/

#4. FbTracker:

Fbtracker is another tool that is quite famous for hacking facebook profile, usernames and passwords. They do have their app also so it can run on smartophones also. You can watch each and everything on a single Dashboard using their online platform.

Their Official Website:  https://www.fbtracker.org/


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