OnePlus Mobile company has recently launched two amazing smartphones in the market known as OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro. These smartphones are even called the beast devices as per the claim made up by the company. Both of these great devices come up with an amazing flagship-level performance with the overall build-up quality. The device consists of a set of quality within that makes it a lot preferable by the people these build in quality consist of the super-smooth display, wireless charging, IP68 water resistance and with that the quality of the camera has also been improved to a great extent. OnePlus 8 smart phones come with the triple rare camera setup while in the case of the 8 pros there is a quadruple-camera setup. And as we all know that OnePlus is been known for its camera quality and these two phones has also improved the same by highlighting the camera features. The user can even enhance the performance of the camera with the help of Google camera version 7.3 or the latest. In this article, we are going to talk about the download and install procedure of the Google camera on the OnePlus 8 smartphone. We have done a lot of research and finally, we have found a Google camera for both of the above-mentioned devices. To know more do read the article till the end.

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Now it is a known fact that Google camera or GCam Mods are mainly for improving a phone’s camera performance by making multiple folds in its process. These are been tried as well tested across various popular devices and with the result of overall comparison GCam has always provided a better output in almost every possible scenario this is all possible due to the Google computational algorithm. The main difference can be seen in terms of selfies, portrait shorts and the Night sight. The downloading as well installing process of Google camera or the GCam Mod on the OnePlus has few easy steps but the result achieve after all that hassle is quite astonishing. With the app itself, the user will require to load up the configuration file which will easily guide you through the whole process. We in here also will require some minor samples images to be taken from the stock camera as well as the Google camera so that you get an overall idea about the whole difference the GCam makes. Now the main question here remains.

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How can we Install GCam Mod on OnePlus 8?

  1. The first that the user is required to in here is to download all the required files for the OnePlus 8 which are known as the GCam APK files in short. The link and configuration source link can be found below.
  2. APK File:
  3. Configuration Link:
  4. After the files are downloaded, you are required to install these APK files just in the same way how you can easily install any third-party app on your respective device. For this, you should just tap on the download APK and if it prompts then you can simply allow the installation to take place from the third-party sources just do this and then install the app.
  5. Kindly open the installed GCam app and then allow all the required permissions after this just exit the app and then head over to your file manager directly.
  6. Now in the file manager, you are required to head over to your internal memory and then in there create a folder with the name of “GCam”. Inside that particular folder create another different folder called “Configs7”. Now place the config file downloaded in the first step of this procedure in the folder we just created config7.
  7. Just then open the Google camera app on your respective device and then directly double tap on the black space available between the shutter button and the gallery preview icon present at the bottom. After this, a window will open up asking you to restore the config file urgently.
  8. Here you are just required to select the config file and then click on the restore button.
  9. After this everything is set up for you to take great pics in the future. Do enjoy!
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One note that the user can make down here is that the GCam Mod for the OnePlus 8 is still in its early stage of usage so there may be minor issues faced while you are trying to use all three cameras and there is a high possibility of occasional crashes or inability with the app. This is all because the device is relatively new. With time the updates will be released making the smartphone work with the camera more properly. The updated links will be provided on the trusted source from time to time. Apart from this the GCam for the OnePlus 8 has various other supports such as Astrophotography which can be easily enabled or disabled from the setting of the phone and that’s kind of easy as there is no much hassle in that. 


I hope the information shared above will be useful to all my readers.