How to Crop Videos on iPhone

Nowadays cropping of videos has become one of the most used processes as through this one can view the video as much as he or she likes. The term cropping of videos is often known as trimming videos which are done to alter the length of the video and then determine it at any specific time the user wishes to do so. Now, most of you must be thinking about why cropping of videos is extensively in use. Well, the answer is quite simple that the process of trimming the video helps the user in eliminating unwanted objects or people from the video that may have appeared by mistake while filming the video. The aspect ratio of the video is something that changes when you crop it. Apart from this, the square ratio appears quite large, the focus is in the correct position that one wishes for.

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More than all this the video now appears more clear as well as visible than before. In iPhone the photos app allows the user to trim the video on the same platform but apart from that, there are many other platforms that people can make use of. One more reason why many iPhone users do not prefer to use the photos app for trimming as there is no further support present for editing the videos which in reality does not provide the video with a great look overall. There are tons of video editing and trimming apps present for the iPhone which can be simply downloaded for free from the Apple store. Some of these popular apps will consist of everything that you could imagine. In this article, I would be listing out some of the widely used apps for both video trimming as well as trimming.  So if you are fond of editing their videos quite often then you must read the whole article to come across the best apps in the market to make use of. Let’s start with the list without wasting any more time.

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1. iMovie:

This is something that can help you a lot with trimming as well as editing videos. iMovie is one the best as well as a free video editor app that can be used on your iPhone. There are tons of amazing features present within this app that will simply let you edit and trim the video as per your choice and will provide it with an excellent finish. In addition to cropping videos, iMovie permits you to rearrange video clips and photos, regulate video speed, add video filters, add music, soundtracks, sound effects, record audio, add and edit titles, edit video backgrounds, produce motion picture trailers with templates, and more.

The procedure to use this is been mentioned below:

  1. At first, kindly open the iMovie app on your respective device and then directly go to the projects tab in there click the bit + icon and with that create a project
  2. After this select the option of movies. Soon after this your photos or video clip will appear over there.
  3. From that choose the one you want to edit and proceed further to click the blue icon present over there.
  4. Now to crop the video you are required to pinch to the zoom in with the use of your fingers. After this just drag the video over there.
  5. Now you can reframe the video as you like with the use of multiple features present over there.
  6. After you are done with the editing and cropping just click on the done icon and export your file to your system.

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2. Video Crop:

This is the second app on your list which is also famous to be used and provide great results. This app is also free to be used by almost anyone and can be downloaded from the Apple store within seconds. Apart from this, the app has a very friendly user interface which is one of the reasons why the app is being used by a lot of people. According to the people who are currently using this app, it’s kind of easy to resize videos on this platform without any complex setup encountered in between.

The procedure to use this is been mentioned below:

  1. First, kindly download the app from the Apple store and then install it.
  2. After the installation procedure is completed, kindly launch the app on the device and after an opening click on the crop icon which is present in the middle of the screen.
  3. Soon after doing this all the videos present in your iPhone will appear and from there select the one you want to edit.
  4. Select and play the video and then click the white watermark present at the top right corner of your screen.
  5. After this, a rectangular box will appear. Tap on it and drag the video for cropping
  6. Now as the editing is done click on the done icon and downloads the video in the quality you wish as there are options mentioned over there to do so. 


There are various other apps users can make use of such as:

  1. FilmoraGo
  2. Quik
  3. Splice
  4. Adobe Premiere Rush
  5. Videorama Text and Video editor

I hope the information shared above was useful to all my readers

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