Top Emulators for PC and Mac

Emulators can be defined as a software application that mainly allows your mobile to imitate all kind of android OS features into the PC. Therefore, it will be allowing the user to install various android apps on the computer or laptop and then use them natively. These are mainly used for debugging purposes. In this … Read more

How to Download Clash of Clans for PC/Computers

Clash of Clans is yet another arcade game which is heightening among game lovers. It is a free strategy game from Supercell. In this game you build your own solid empire by fighting for you rule and kingdom. The beauty of the game is its fantastic graphics experience and the beautiful concept of fighting for … Read more

Hotspot not connecting Android

The COVID-19 situation bought almost everyone on their knees and that is the reason people were forced to continue their work by sitting at home in such a situation not everyone has already set up Wi-Fi in their respective home. So, in such a scenario the hotspot is the first possible thing people mainly depend … Read more

How Toshiba Is Making Technology Greener

You wouldn’t instantly think that global warming would be a subject of great interest to a technology giant, but in fact Toshiba is doing its very best to change the face of technology as we know it. Corporate Conscience Describing itself as ‘a corporate citizen of planet earth’, the company sets out an extremely comprehensive … Read more