Some Social Media Marketing Rules to follow in 2017

The social media marketing is surely one of the most popular ways of online marketing today. Although there are no written rules for it, but there are some principles that you can follow to become better at it. The social media marketing is an online marketing strategy and if you follow some basic rules then … Read more

How to Create Your Own URL Shortener With Your Domain

URL shortner are extremely used in different social networking platforms, video sharing & forum websites. They are also used by internet marketers & many other bloggers to hide their affiliate links from readers and search engines. Actually every day millions of people over internet use these url shortener services such as, tinyurl, and many … Read more

How To Get Verified Badge On Facebook

how to get facebook verified badge

How To Get Verified Badge On Facebook Social Media life or online media Platform has countless fake accounts. Knowing this, it looks good that associations like Facebook and Snapchat let just unmistakable individuals and associations affirm or confirm themselves to show that they’re real. The checking system, accordingly, shows in case you’re in reality genuine … Read more