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How to Build Natural Backlink to Your Blog in 5 Steps

The task of building natural backlinks has become a lot more difficult after Google has brought their Penguin algorithmic update. Actually Google says that you should never build backlinks on your own. In other term, you should create such quality contents that automatically attract other website owners and fellow bloggers to create inbound links with your post or blog.   I know it’s difficult for […]

8 Awesome Places to Get Monster Backlinks Fast

Where can you really get some great authoritative backlinks to your blog? Building backlinks to your blog or website consume time, in fact lots of time. Guest blogging, directory submissions, blog commenting, social bookmarking, doing article submission to web 2.0 property sites, forum commenting, engaging on social network sites etc all can be the most time consuming. After all we only have 24 splendid hours […]

6 Ways to Improve Your Internal Linking Strategy

One of the most significant elements of on-page SEO is creating quality ‘human friendly’ anchor text links to other areas of your blog or website.  Let’s face it internal linking is a powerful strategy, and seldom talked about tactic at the same time.  And it is also a tactic that is often used for three vital reasons – To promote other areas of your website […]

Does Article Marketing Still Working In SEO

I just saw an video by Matt Cutts, and it seems that he don’t like article marketing. So Does article marketing still working in 2015, when term of SEO has been changed by google. Since long time this method has been used by companies and almost every blogger for generating dirty free backlinks. But as Matt is head of Anti-Spam department of google and if […]

Analyzing the Basics of Link Building

A Link is a referral from one web page to another, or to another position on the same page. Most major search engines consider links as a vote of trust, they are the web’s primary traffic directing system. If you’re striving to improve your website’s ranking on search engines it is critical to get other websites to link to it. Link Building is done to […]

What are Deep Links and their Importance

In the previous article we have learn about the basics of link building. Here we will be discussing about the concept of deep linking and its importance in SEO. When links pointing at your site are evaluated by search engines, their targeted content is taken into consideration when assigning value to them. A link that is pointed at content pages buried deep in your site, […]

Why Guest Blogging is ‘SUPERB’ for SEO

It feels great to be a guest blogger or guest author. I’m really grateful to be one myself. I have enjoyed every bit of this journey. It continues. Throughout my journey of being a guest-blogger, I’ve learned quite a few things which I desire to share with my readers. One of the most important lessons that guest posting has taught me is that it works […]