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Are You Guilty of Over-SEO Optimization

Over-optimization… If you think you’re guilty of over-optimization, the first question you will need to ask yourself is whether or not you can read your website content naturally. If it doesn’t sound right and your keywords doesn’t seem to flawlessly integrate with your sentences, then you probably are. It’s true, Google tries to serve the most relevant pages on its search results but it doesn’t […]

Top 6 Important WordPress SEO Strategies

While it’s true that WordPress is the best content management system for bloggers and niche website publishers; it’s not as search engine optimized as most people think right off the bat. There are important WordPress SEO strategies to implement and they are as follows: Duplicate Content (Canonical) – this is an issue with any other content management system, website publishing platforms or even html website […]

Social Bookmarking For SEO

Social bookmarking companies charge hundreds of dollars for social bookmarking services which arguably seems like a simple do it yourself task. If it’s a DIY project, why do you think people pay companies to do it for them? For one, most internet marketers would rather write content than do the mind numbing off-page SEO stuff – but this mind-numbing SEO stuff does help in pushing […]

How Your Web Hosting Affect Your SEO

Do you know that your web hosting package can affect your SEO? Yes it’s true. New algorithms in Google now also count where your website hosts? If there is one penalized site in Google hosted on shared server, it can affect other sites also. Now the question is how to choose an effective web hosting service that will not affect your SEO rankings. That’s also […]

A Part Of Search engine optimization Advertising (SEO)

Using Google to find out more is easily the most popular activity around the Online. Based on PEW Online study, while 92% from the entire Web clients use Google, 59% get it done regularly. According to the comScore reviews, Google alone paid for for 13.4 billion searches this year It’s apparent that On the internet is the best position to achieve your target clients/audience, as […]

List of Guest Blogging/Posting Sites for SEO

What are Guest Posting or Guest Blogging Sites? Guest Blogging or Guest Posting is one of the ways of link building that can provide you good and authoritative backlinks to your website or blog. In Guest Posting we blogger request the other bloggers to put up our articles or blog posts to their blogs with a link pointing towards our own blog. This would benefit […]

List of Classified Submission Sites High da, pa

What are Classified Sites? Classified ads are the source of advertising platforms for the companies or small business to promote their products or services. Classified advertising was previously famous for newspapers, magazines etc but now we can do classified advertising online also and best of all it is both free and paid. Classified sites can promote your services or products through their online portal and […]