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Why Guest Blogging is ‘SUPERB’ for SEO

It feels great to be a guest blogger or guest author. I’m really grateful to be one myself. I have enjoyed every bit of this journey. It continues. Throughout my journey of being a guest-blogger, I’ve learned quite a few things which I desire to share with my readers. One of the most important lessons that guest posting has taught me is that it works […]

How to write GUEST POST for SEO

Guest post is a seo-offpage technique in which we ask other blogger to publish our well written and unique articles on their blog with a backlink to our money making website. We send frequent emails to different bloggers to publish our articles and if they agreed than we send them articles containing backlink to our business website. In order to successfully implement the guest posting […]

Top 10 SEO BLOGS to Learn SEO Course

SEO or search engine optimization is the word by which a lot of bloggers and webmasters get confused but bloggers like me don’t really care much about it. Do you know why? Because I always track of whatever the new things and updates that are happening in the SEO world through the blogs in this list of top 10 SEO Blogs as I mentioned below […]

SEO Tips 2015 Get 1st Rank on Google With Any Keyword

So, What do you need to rank 1st on Google in 2015? Well, if you are serious about ranking in SERPS than your search on how to rank 1st on Google ends here. What would you get after reading this post? You would know How to rank high with little efforts. How to do on page SEO. How to build backlinks the right way. How […]

Identify the different SEO Scams

As a web developer myself, we talk a lot about listing your website on search engine and get found by visitors. That is the main goal of Internet marketing. Before you read any further, please notice that I’m not trying to tell you not to bother with any websites companies that provide SEO services except us, or trying to sell you anything. I wrote this […]

What are Link Properties in SEO?

In this article, let’s discuss about as how we can understand the concept of Link Properties in SEO. Key to getting good page ranks on search engines is simple. You need links. Not just any links, but permanent, relevant links that will direct targeted traffic to your site. How does one go about achieving this? There are several important on page and structural aspects to […]

OnPage SEO and OffPage SEO Optimization

Okay, let’s start with some definitions first to make sure we are all on the same page: Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of getting traffic through the free or natural listings on the search engines. Search engine optimization is divided into two branches: on page SEO and off page SEO. On page SEO is a way in which you can shuffle around and […]