How to Find and Catch Articuno

The long wait is over, and Pokemon Go fans are finally able to capture the legendary Pokemon Articuno. Here’s how to do it. Since the game’s launch just over a year ago, Pokemon Go players have eagerly awaited the release of Legendary Pokemon. We speculated in May that Niantic had plans to introduce Legendary Pokemon … Read more

How To Fix The Gym Attack Error Message Bug

The new Pokemon Go gym overhaul date is coming in so hot that it’s apparently not quite finished. Many of the players who have downloaded the update are now experiencing an unusual bug that pops up a message stating that their gym is under attack despite a present lack of threat. This seems to happen specifically to … Read more

Eggs, Hatching, and Breeding Explained

Pokemon players are doubtless already familiar with breeding. Same as in the real world, breeding in Pokemon allows for two compatible creatures to produce an egg that will hatch into a Pokemon that inherets traits from both of its parents. Breeding has been a staple element of many Pokemon games, no doubt as part of … Read more

New Gym Features And Raid Battles Explained

After being touted for months, the next major update to Niantic’s hit mobile title Pokemon Go is finally gearing up for its arrival. With it, players can expect to see some noticeable changes made to the game’s Gyms, in particular the addition of an all-new Raid Battle system that will allow players to team up with other … Read more

The Most Common Times To Participate In Raid Battles

All of the world’s Pokemon Go players have been eagerly anticipating jumping into the game’s new Raid Battles, and according to the few who have already had the opportunity, Niantic looks to have recently adjusted the time period when Raid Battles occur. If reports over on the Pokemon Go-based Silph Road subreddit are to be believed, the game’s raid … Read more