How to Join Raid Battle

The latest update for Pokemon Go has brought a very special new type of gameplay mode with it: Raid Battles. This mode can offer several boons, mostly by way of rewards for taking out the Raid Boss and rolling in the spoils. But if you’re a brand new player, you may run into some issues … Read more

Where To Find Corsola in Pokemon Go

Many Pokemon Go players keen on filling out their Pokedex have expressed interest in Corsola, the pink and coral-like Pokemon that was introduced with the Gen 2 update to the game. Like several others, Corsola (whose name often seems to be jumbled into words like Corosola or Coralsa or Corona) is a region-exclusive Pokemon that largely appears … Read more

New Gym Features And Raid Battles Explained

After being touted for months, the next major update to Niantic’s hit mobile title Pokemon Go is finally gearing up for its arrival. With it, players can expect to see some noticeable changes made to the game’s Gyms, in particular the addition of an all-new Raid Battle system that will allow players to team up with other … Read more

Where To Find Muk in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is loaded with loveable little pocket monsters, and while some look soft and approachable, some are less cuddly than their brethren. The latter is the case with Muk, a dastardly Poison-type Pokemon whose description and physical appearance aren’t what most would call “appetizing.” Despite being rare, Muk isn’t as hard to find as some … Read more