New Gym Features And Raid Battles Explained

After being touted for months, the next major update to Niantic’s hit mobile title Pokemon Go is finally gearing up for its arrival. With it, players can expect to see some noticeable changes made to the game’s Gyms, in particular the addition of an all-new Raid Battle system that will allow players to team up with other … Read more

What Is The Silph Radio

Raid Battles are the latest and greatest addition to Pokemon Go, and players are understandably pumped to start hopping into as many raids as possible in order to take down Raid Bosses and start winning exclusive rewards. Not everyone has the benefit of being able to sync up with friends for raids, however, and this has lead some of … Read more

How To Find Pokemon Nests Using Nest Maps

Pokemon Go players are driven by that old familiar mantra, the innate urge to collect all nearby Pokemon. For many, just walking around outside is more than enough to satisfy the collection instinct, but some players would prefer to skip over random spawns and go toward an area where rarer Pokemon are known to be nesting. … Read more

How Nest Migrations Work And When Nests Move

Players are still getting their thrills from Pokemon Go, and now that Niantic is being a little more transparent about the game’s many features, keen Pokemon trainers are able to hunt more effectively than ever. The latest news on this front comes through a screenshot recently posted to the Pokemon Go-based Silph Road subreddit showing an official … Read more

The Most Common Times To Participate In Raid Battles

All of the world’s Pokemon Go players have been eagerly anticipating jumping into the game’s new Raid Battles, and according to the few who have already had the opportunity, Niantic looks to have recently adjusted the time period when Raid Battles occur. If reports over on the Pokemon Go-based Silph Road subreddit are to be believed, the game’s raid … Read more

The Best Pokemon To Beat Raid Bosses

Pokemon Go has its fair share of juiced-up trainers rocking a suite of powerful Pokemon, but even the baddest and toughest creatures can mean nothing when standing up against the wrong Raid Boss. The need for Pokemon Go players to exercise strategy increases at higher-level raids, meaning wise warriors would do well to drop down Pokemon … Read more

How to Join Raid Battle

The latest update for Pokemon Go has brought a very special new type of gameplay mode with it: Raid Battles. This mode can offer several boons, mostly by way of rewards for taking out the Raid Boss and rolling in the spoils. But if you’re a brand new player, you may run into some issues … Read more