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Teen patti Hacks

Octro Teen Patti Hacking Tricks Octro Teen patti is one of the famous online poker game that is mostly played in Asain countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. The game is quite famous among these Asian countries and people love to play Teen patti game. The game is all about challenging other players in the different table that is having different boot values.  Many […]

What is Cryptojacking attack, how to prevent?

What is Cryptojacking Cryptojacking refers to an unauthorized access of other’s computer in order to mine cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, ripple, ethereum etc. Hackers get the access of the victim’s computer by encouraging them to click on a malicious link containing in an e-mail that ultimately loads the cryptomining code on their computers. Cryptojacking can also be done by injecting javascript code in a website […]

Improve Security on Android

In this article, we will be discussing about the security and privacy in Android or smartphones, which is currently considered as the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Here in this article, I have explained a list of 10 Android settings for you that you consider to change if you want to gain more privacy and / or security. Let’s start the article without any delay! Note: […]

What is DMARC & how it works

DMARC against spam, phishing and spoofing Spam, phishing and spoofing emails are sent out by cybercriminals in large quantities every day. Such fraudulent or falsified emails try to disguise themselves as real messages from legitimate senders and to deceive the email recipients. Manipulated e-mails with spoofed sender data or falsified content (phishing) have become a serious problem in e-mail communication because they cause great damage to recipients […]

What is a VPN, types of VPN how it work?

More and more employees are hearing that they are doing their work in the home office. They often use a so-called VPN connection for this. VPN stands for “Virtual Private Network”. A lot of people have heard of VPN, but what exactly is meant by it and how it works is known to only a few in details. We clarify here in this article in detail! What is […]

iNSTALL WIRESHARK ON kali linux/ubuntu/debain

Wiresahark is one of the best tools use for penetration testing on Kali Linux, Windows, MAC, Solaris etc. It is freely available GUI based tool and most often use as a network packet analyzer that basically caught the network packets in real time scenario and make them available in human readable format. Even at microscopic level, one can easily watch the network packets with the […]

Install burp suite on linux/ubuntu

How to Install Burp Suite on Linux Burp Suite is quite a powerful tool when it comes to testing different web applications. It is Graphical User Interface (GUI) based tool that includes the proxy server within it which enable the user to modify and intercept the communication between client and the server. This tool contains several other beneficial features when it comes to operate penetration […]