Redstone Builds for Survival

Minecraft is an amazing game to explore and people from all over the world are crazy about this game. One can simply term this game as something renowned for the depth and various types of things that are available to explore present within the cubic world. In one of the areas of this game, players … Read more

How to Get Skill Points in RLCraft

Skills are a component of the modpack that aid in the development of gear and the survival of the player. There are competence skills that enable the use of objects, as well as passive skills that give benefits without the player having to do anything. Proficiency Competencies The Reskillable mod adds eight new competence abilities … Read more

How to Build a Starter Base in Minecraft

If the player wants to protect himself from all of the vicious monsters who are pursuing him in survival or hardcore mode, starting bases are one of the most essential buildings to construct early in the game. In addition to a bed, chests and barrels for storage, furnaces for cooking and smelting, an enchanting chamber, … Read more