How to get the firefly jar in Fortnite?

As new Fortnite seasons come out and the game takes advantage of new updates, Epic Games teams are adding new items and weapons to it, with things sometimes more than unlikely like today with the new grenade (explosive weapon) … The firefly jar! Launch this jar on your opponents in battle royale mode so that they ignite immediately … Read more

Fortnite Hacks, Cheats and Tricks

The world of the video game is quite vast to cover even in our entire life. There are millions of games spread across the world with a lot of supporters as well fans. And while we talk about people many players have started gaming at a very young age and that means they have heard … Read more

How To Get Fortnite Lebron Skin

Celebrities and notable content producers have joined the battle royale in Fortnite‘s ICON series, which debuted in March. There have already been several high-profile arrivals to the island, including football players Harry Kane and Neymar and famous streamers Ninja and TheGrefg. LeBron James shouldn’t be a stranger to Fortnite; his son, Bronny James, is a … Read more

Fortnite Mobile Hacks

A Fortnite Mobile (Android / iOS) Hack is any technique, method, modification, programme, app, or other means of acquiring an unfair advantage, such as earning more kills, free v-Bucks, free Battle Pass, XP, Battle Packets, Tier Skipping, better gear, free skins, and so on. While cheating in any of Epic Games’ games is difficult since … Read more