What are Meta Tags in SEO

In this chapter we will be discussing about certain Meta tags and Title tag that are essential for doing Onpage optimization. Let me gives you some backgrounds about Meta tags first. It started in the early 90’s when Internet start growing widely and they were used to help search engine to organize the growing number … Read more

Off Page SEO and its Importance

Offpage activities refer to those activities that we do away from our website or blog. Whatever activities we perform to create link back to our website or blog are known as offpage SEO factors. There are lots of offpage SEO things that we can do such as blog commenting, directory submissions, article submissions, guest posting, … Read more

OnPage SEO Optimization Ranking Factors

Optimizing page performance can be likened to modifying and tweaking a motor car to get that extra performance that will blow the opposition away, adding to your street cred. Likewise On Page Optimization will add to your web cred. There are two areas governing page performance, namely on page optimization and off page optimization. On … Read more

Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

What is a Search Engine? A search engine by definition is a set of coordinated computer programs that indexes or reaches to pages contain in its database so that users of search engines can find these web pages by entering specific search queries, basically in the form of keywords or keyword phrases. There are approximately … Read more