Are Long Blog Post Really A Good Idea.

Wherever I turn these days I find suggestions that long blog posts are the way to go. Need more search engine traffic? Write long blog posts. How about more social media shares? Write long blog posts. Cure for cancer? Well maybe not but you get the idea. But is it really great advice? The answer is…. it depends – … Read more

How to Viral YouTube Videos

YouTube is the second-most-visited website after Google. It is well-known for being a video-only site. You’ve probably heard of YouTube viral videos and how they help a certain channel, right? The greatest part is that you may go viral with your YouTube video and become famous on the internet. You may purchase YouTube views to … Read more

6 Tips To Surviving The Tough Times In Your Online marketing Journey

Starting an online business can be a lonely and frustrating journey.  You don’t know where to start, which strategies to follow, feel overwhelmed, couldn’t stay focused, feel embarrassed and way behind the successful marketers.  At times you just feel like banging your head against the wall. If you’re still reading, you have probably decided that … Read more