Top 5 Car Donation New York

Top 5 Car Donation New York

New York, the city that never sleeps, thrives on the spirit of giving. Among the myriad ways to contribute, car donation stands out as a unique and substantial means to support charitable causes. Did you know? By donating your car, not only do you get to declutter your space, but you also provide invaluable support to organizations striving to make a difference in the community.

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List of Top 5 Car Donation Programs in New York NYC

11800 Charity Cars07 Wekiva Springs Road #201, Longwood, Florida 327791-800-242-7489Website
2Long Island Cares10 Davids Drive, (Harry Chapin Way), Hauppauge, NY – 11788-2039631-582-FOODWebsite
3Wheels for WishesMetro NY and Western NY, Manhattan Office, 500 5th Ave, Suite 2900, NY, NY 10110(888) 336-9474Website
4Goodwill NY25 Elm Place, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201(718) 728-5400Website
5American Red Cross in Greater New York520 W 49th Street New York, 10019(877) 733-2767Website

1. 1800 Charity Cars: Driving Hope Home

Ever thought your old car could be a lifeline for a struggling family? Charity Cars, a recognized 501(C)(3) non-profit, goes the extra mile to ensure your donation reaches families in need across the States. Unlike other charities, they bypass middlemen, ensuring the maximum benefit from your donation. Plus, donating a car that’s used by a needy family allows you to claim a full fair market value tax deduction. Ready to steer change? Call 1-800-242-7489 or visit their website.

Address: 07 Wekiva Springs Road #201, Longwood, Florida 32779
Phone Number: 1-800-242-7489

2. Long Island Cares: Fueling Food Security

Imagine your old car helping to put food on the table for families in need. Long Island Cares takes your car donation to combat hunger in New York, claiming to feed 283,000 citizens annually. Be it cars, trucks, or RVs, running or not, they accept them all. Dial 877-872-2127 or check their website for more.

Address: 10 Davids Drive, (Harry Chapin Way), Hauppauge, NY – 11788-2039
Phone Number: 631-582-FOOD (3663)

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3. Wheels for Wishes: Turn Wheels into Wishes

Your car can be a wish-granter with Wheels for Wishes. Benefit kids in areas like the Bronx, Brooklyn, and beyond with your car donation in New York. Connect with them at 1-855-831-9474 or online.

Address: Metro New York and Western New York, Manhattan Office, 500 5th Avenue, Suite 2900, New York, NY 10110
Phone: (888) 336-9474

4. Goodwill NY: Drive Goodwill Forward

Known for humanitarian causes, Goodwill NY extends its mission with car donations too. They partner with National Charity Services for a smooth donation process. Reach them at 866-492-2770 or online.

Address: 25 Elm Place, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: (718) 728-5400

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5. American Red Cross in Greater New York: Navigate Aid with Your Car

Donate your car to the American Red Cross in NY, supporting their emergency response missions. Every donation counts in saving lives. Visit their website to set sail on your donation journey.

Address: 520 W 49th Street New York, 10019
Phone: (877) 733-2767

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