How to Stop Buffering on Fire Stick

In this article, I would be discussing one of the most searched topics over the internet which is none other than how the users can stop the buffering on an Amazon FireStick. I will be explaining the whole concept in the form of a tutorial so kindly read the whole article to understand the full procedure and miss nothing in between. The troubleshooting steps will be provided in this article work on FireStick 4K, Fire TV Stick Lite, Fire TV Cube as well as some of the older Fire TV devices. Now for the people who are not aware of what a Fire Stick is, let me explain it shortly and simply. Amazon FireStick is one of the most popular and widely used streaming devices worldwide. This is an incredibly easy way to set up and then use appropriately. This technology is something that supports a lot of awesome apps from the amazon store as well as apps coming from various third-party sources.

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All considered that Firestick makes an amazing streaming experience overall for its users. However, from time to time people using this streaming device have encountered the problem of facing a glitch that remains for some time. The problem of glitch is quite irritating and the users in regards to that searching for ways that may solve that p[roblem from the depth. So if you are someone who has encountered a glitching problem with your Firestick then this is the article for you. Before we understand the ways through which the glitch problem can be solved we must be aware of the reason that causes the issue. Let’s start without wasting any more time.

What causes the Buffering on FireStick?

Some common factors cause the buffering issue. Sometimes even the simple one is the reason behind the issue.

  1. The slow internet connectivity is one of the biggest reasons is due to this buffering is being caused. The recommended speed should be at least 10 Mbps for 1080p and 20 Mbps for 4K streaming. Kindly make note of this.
  2. The next one is ISP Throttling as this may slow down your internet connectivity speed from time to time. This is mainly done if it is detecting too many streaming activities at the same time.
  3. Now one more thing that people should take care of by their end is to keep the modem near to your Fire Stick. This is for the fact that strength for signals remains stable.
  4. Running Low in your RAM is kind of a common issue people face which causes the problem of buffering. The device has an overall space of 8GB in which mostly is taken by the OS only.
  5. After all, this one more problem that is quite common is the overheating of the Firestick. This mainly cause the buffering
  6. The Fire Stick should also be kept to date as running on that may cause several issues.

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How can one stop the problem of Buffering on Fire Stick?

The solution written below can be tried to get rid of the problem of buffering. Kindly make sure that you do it right as not doing as per the steps mentioned below can cause serious damage.

1. Restarting the Fire Stick:

If you’ve been facing the problem of buffering with your Fire Stick then a trick as simple as restarting your device may be the simplest. Kindly use it to optimize your system. The concept of restarting the system is one of the most basic troubleshooting methods and this is among the first ones that should be tried. It can solve various problems. Here are the steps that can be used to do so:

  1. Go to the settings of your device
  2. After that kindly click on My Fire TV
  3. Click the Restart option
  4. Then kindly confirm it once

2. Make sure that the Internet Speed is Stable;

I know many of us use high-internet connectivity broadband but still face the speed issue from time to time. Well, this is something that can be resolved’ve if you probably know how to. At first, kindly check the speed at the Fire Stick is being used and if the data obtained are accurate then to solve the issue further one should reach out to ISP. as over there you may end up finding the reason. Any speed above 10 Mbps for 1080p is good; this can be used for reference. 

To check and improve Wi-Fi connectivity kindly use the steps mentioned below:

  1. At first, kindly go to the settings from the Fire Stick home screen
  2. Now click on the network that is present on the next window
  3. Now kindly highlight your Wi-Fi name /address
  4. Just on your right, you may find the status of Signal Strength 

3. Use a Well Known VPN to prevent Buffering:

The concept of internet throttling is quite common among ISPs. The internet Provider may be slowing down your internet connectivity when you are streaming activities that are kind of beyond a certain level. As a result of that, you may face buffering on Fire Stick. The most common way through which this problem can be resolved is by the use of a VPN. A good VPN is something that will not stop your ISP from Throttling speed but also provides various other benefits. I would mainly suggest ExpressVPN. 


I hope the information shared above would be useful to all my readers out there.

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