BGMI Pro Series 2023

The Gaming Community Buzzes with Excitement

Hey there, gaming enthusiasts! Have you caught wind of the latest announcement from Krafton? It’s big news for all Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) fans! Krafton just dropped the details about the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) 2024, and it’s shaping up to be a spectacular event. Let’s dive into what this means for the world of mobile esports.

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BMPS 2024 AnnouncementKrafton announced the second edition of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS) for 2024 on November 17.
Background of BMPSThe first BMPS occurred before the BGMI ban in 2022, featuring 24 teams and a prize pool of ₹2 crore.
Previous Winners and Prize PoolTeam Soul won the first BMPS, with Goblin as MVP. ₹2 crore was awarded in total prize money.
Expectations for 2024 EditionThe start date, schedule, and competitors for BMPS 2024 are yet to be announced.
Potential CompetitorsAnticipated participation from top BGMI squads, including previous BGIS 2024 competitors.
Team Changes and PreparationsTeams like GodLike Esports and Team XSpark have altered rosters to compete in BMPS 2024.
Krafton’s Esports Endeavors2024 marks a significant year for BGMI esports, following the BGIS 2024 and India vs. Korea Invitational.
Krafton’s Social Media StatementKrafton hyped up the event on social media, emphasizing the excitement and competitive spirit of BMPS 2024.

BMPS 2024: The Second Edition is Here!

Remember the BMPS that kicked off right before the BGMI ban in 2022? Well, it’s back for its second edition, and it’s expected to be bigger and better than ever. Krafton made this exciting announcement on November 17, 2024, and the esports community is already buzzing with anticipation.

A Look Back at the First BMPS

The inaugural BMPS was a hit, featuring 24 teams from the Battlegrounds Mobile India Open Challenge. They competed fiercely from May 19 to June 12, 2022, for a jaw-dropping total prize pool of ₹2 crore. Team Soul emerged victorious, marking their first offline BGMI championship win. Their player, Goblin, snagged the Most Valuable Player (MVP) title in the Grand Finals.

What’s Coming Up in BMPS 2024?

Exciting Details Yet to Be Announced

While Krafton has got everyone excited, they’re still keeping some details under wraps. The exact start date, schedule, and finer points of the BMPS 2024 are still a mystery. But knowing Krafton, we can expect a well-organized and thrilling event.

Anticipated Teams and Potential Challengers

There’s a lot of speculation about who will be competing this year. We can expect to see a mix of well-known BGMI squads, likely including top performers from the recent BGIS 2024. Teams like GodLike Esports and Team XSpark, who’ve been shaking up their rosters recently, are gearing up to make a strong impression.

Krafton’s Commitment to BGMI Esports

A Year of Thrilling Competitions

2024 marks an exciting year for BGMI esports. Earlier, we saw Gladiators Esports clinch victory in the BGIS 2024, bagging a cool ₹2 crore prize fund. Then, there was the India vs. Korea Invitational, with another whopping ₹1 crore prize pool.

Krafton’s Statement on Social Media

The Buzz Around BMPS 2024

Krafton’s announcement on social media has sent ripples across the gaming community. Their message is clear and pumped up with excitement:

“Get ready to witness gaming history. The BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA PRO SERIES 2024 is just around the corner, and our top pro teams are locked and loaded for battle. Stay tuned for some gaming action. It’s time to game for glory like never before.”

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FAQs: Everything You Need to Know About BMPS 2024

  1. Q1: What is the BMPS 2024?

    A1: The Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series 2024 is a major official BGMI esports event announced by Krafton, set to start soon.

  2. Q2: Who won the first edition of BMPS?

    A2: Team Soul won the first edition of BMPS, with their player Goblin being named MVP in the Grand Finals.

  3. Q3: How much was the prize pool in the first BMPS?

    A3: The total prize money in the first BMPS was ₹2 crore.

  4. Q4: What's the significance of BMPS in BGMI esports?

    A4: BMPS is a prestigious event that showcases top BGMI talent and contributes significantly to the BGMI esports scene.

  5. Q5: Are there any details about the teams participating in BMPS 2024?

    A5: While exact details are not yet disclosed, it's expected that top teams from the recent BGIS 2024 will participate.

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