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PUBG Mobile Indian Version Features

Your Diwali just improved as PUBG Mobile India will dispatch soon. The fans have been enthusiastically hanging tight for the game’s rebound in the nation, and improvements in the country of recent days have furnished them with motivations to cheer. 

PUBG Mobile dispatches new site for India 

In the most recent turn of events, PUBG Mobile has dispatched another site for India. The site, starting at now, just highlights online media posts by PUBG Mobile India and connections to its web-based media handles and YouTube channel. Here is the link to the new website for PUBG India. However, it just displays the message that PUBG MOBILE INDIA COMING SOON.

The world of Battle Royale games is ever-evolving, and one of the most popular titles in the genre is Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI). Developed by Krafton, BGMI has captivated mobile gaming enthusiasts with its intense gameplay and immersive features. To keep the excitement alive, Krafton consistently releases updates that bring fresh content, bug fixes, and optimizations to the game. In this article, we will explore the highly anticipated BGMI 2.3 update, including its release date, new features, and how to download the APK.

BGMI 2.3 Update: Overview

The BGMI 2.3 update promises to be a game-changer, bringing several exciting additions to enhance the gameplay experience for players. From new maps to exclusive game modes, let’s dive into the details of what this update has in store.

Release Date of BGMI 2.3 Update

The BGMI 2.3 update is set to be released on June 2023. Krafton has been working diligently to ensure that the update is polished and ready to deliver a seamless experience to players. The release date is eagerly awaited by millions of players who are eager to explore the new content and features.

New Features in BGMI 2.3 Update

New Map: Erangel 2.0

The highlight of the BGMI 2.3 update is the introduction of the much-anticipated Erangel 2.0 map. This revamped version of the classic Erangel map brings a fresh look and feel to the gameplay. Players can expect enhanced graphics, improved terrain, and new strategic elements that will add depth to their battles.

Cheer Park Update

Another exciting addition in the BGMI 2.3 update is the Cheer Park update. Cheer Park is a social space within the game where players can interact with each other, participate in various activities, and showcase their skills. With the update, Cheer Park will receive new features and improvements, providing players with more opportunities for social engagement and fun.

New Vehicle: Coupe RB

BGMI 2.3 introduces a brand new vehicle to the game, the Coupe RB. This sleek and powerful car is designed to provide players with a swift and stylish means of transportation across the battleground. Whether it’s racing against the blue zone or maneuvering through challenging terrains, the Coupe RB is sure to be a popular choice among players.

Payload 2.0 Mode

The Payload mode in BGMI has been a hit among players, and the 2.3 update brings a new and improved version of this fan-favorite game mode. Payload 2.0 introduces additional vehicles, weapons, and features, allowing players to engage in action-packed battles with more firepower and tactical options.

Royale Pass Season 24

BGMI 2.3 also marks the beginning of Royale Pass Season 24. Players can expect a fresh set of rewards, challenges, and exclusive items to unlock as they progress through the ranks. The new season adds further incentives for players to showcase their skills and dedication in the game.

New Firearms and Attachments

To keep the gameplay diverse and exciting, BGMI 2.3 introduces new firearms and attachments. Players will have access to a wider range of weapons, each with its unique characteristics and playstyle. Additionally, new attachments will enable players to further customize their weapons, allowing for more personalized and effective loadouts.

Bug Fixes and Optimizations

BGMI 2.3 doesn’t just bring new features; it also addresses various bugs and performance issues. Krafton has been actively listening to player feedback and has implemented several optimizations to ensure smoother gameplay and improved stability. This commitment to addressing player concerns highlights Krafton’s dedication to providing an enjoyable gaming experience.

APK Download for BGMI 2.3 Update

To experience the BGMI 2.3 update, players will need to download and install the APK file. The APK file allows players to manually update the game on their devices. To download the BGMI 2.3 APK, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the official BGMI website or trusted APK download sources.
  2. Locate the BGMI 2.3 APK file and click on the download link.
  3. Once the download is complete, navigate to the file on your device.
  4. Tap on the APK file to initiate the installation process.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  6. Once the installation is finished, launch the game and enjoy the BGMI 2.3 update.

Please note that it is essential to download the APK file from trusted sources to ensure the integrity and security of your device.

PUBG Mobile Indian Version Features

Changes to the Game:  PUBG Mobile India Version

There are a few increases and changes that are made in the game customer to all the more likely suit the Indian crowd and the hardcore battle theme is somewhat restrained. The new augmentations remember changes for bloodstain color. 

The standard reddish color of blood will be changed to green in this version and the character model will be completely dressed from the very beginning of this game. 

Krafton’s Office In India

Krafron is coming in India with full power and as referenced over, the gigantic $100M revenue will have a major impact on it. 

Krafton is intending to open a local office in India to deal with the coordination of this game and the organization’s different plans. Krafton will enlist a labor force of 100 workers to disregard these tasks. 

Microsoft’s collaboration assumed a major part to guarantee the information security in India and keeping in mind that the complexities of the game dissemination are not known until further notice, TalkEsport was the first to break the account of a PUBG Mobile return after a few exceptionally positioned sources affirmed the distribution. 

The PUBG Mobile return to India has been a rough way till now and with these changes, the game is good to go to get back the well-known fan base in India.

What will be the advancement and purchases of Indian players in the global version of the Account? 

As indicated by a post by liquipediamemphiz, the PUBG Mobile Indian rendition may permit players to move information from the global version. The players would have the option to have every one of their skins and prior buys in the Indian version. It will most likely give help to the players as they won’t need to begin their advancement without any preparation. 

What will be the size of the Indian version of the game? 

After the usage of the Lightweight Installation work, the establishment size of the global version has been diminished by 70% for Android clients. This capacity isn’t yet accessible for the iOS stage, and the size of the game’s remaining parts as before as in the past. 

Thus, there are chances that the download size could be like a global version. Notwithstanding, there is no declaration with respect to this.

PUBG Mobile India’s release date could drop alongside this promotion. We don’t have a trailer yet, either. There are just ongoing interaction mechanics details until further notice. Notwithstanding, Youtuber Kronten has said that he anticipates that PUBG Mobile India should drop at some point this week. Other Indian Youtubers are additionally foreseeing the equivalent.


The BGMI 2.3 update brings a wave of excitement and anticipation for players of Battlegrounds Mobile India. With new features like the Erangel 2.0 map, the Coupe RB vehicle, and the Payload 2.0 mode, players can expect a fresh and engaging gameplay experience. Furthermore, the bug fixes and optimizations demonstrate Krafton’s commitment to delivering a polished and enjoyable gaming experience. Stay tuned for the release of BGMI 2.3, and get ready to dive into the action!


Q1: When will the BGMI 2.3 update be released?

A1: The BGMI 2.3 update is set to be released on June 2023

Q2: What is the highlight feature of the BGMI 2.3 update?

A2: The highlight feature of the BGMI 2.3 update is the introduction of the Erangel 2.0 map.

Q3: Can I download the BGMI 2.3 update from any website?

A3: It is recommended to download the BGMI 2.3 update from trusted sources such as the official BGMI website or reliable APK download platforms.

Q4: Will there be new weapons and attachments in BGMI 2.3?

A4: Yes, the BGMI 2.3 update introduces new firearms and attachments, providing players with more options for customization.

Q5: How can I update BGMI to version 2.3?

A5: To update BGMI to version 2.3, you will need to download and install the APK file manually. Instructions for the APK download and installation process can be found on the official BGMI website or trusted APK download sources.


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